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    • I have seen the argument regarding tax cuts before.
      :"the tax cuts for the rich".In my opinion
      if I get to keep more of my own hard earned
      money its a good thing.If I save $5 on a hundred,what do i care if Bill Gates saves
      $50.Our Capitalist system rewards success.If
      I made a million bucks tomorrow,I'd have to
      give over 50% to Uncle Sam..I wouldn't be happy.So if I earn more,I pay more tax,,stands
      to reason then,if by percent I get a tax cut,
      the amount comensurate to the bracket has to
      be bigger.As to who will pay for it,,I guess
      whoever works and pays taxes.I take more issue
      with the way govt takes liberty with spending.I mean its a joke,,and I work for the
      federal govt.Take a look at the U.S Govt
      website and you will be amazed at how many
      agencies,depts,centers there are.The U.S govt
      is the largest contractor in the WORLD(should it be??)

    • "getting the facts straight", Please enlighten me. Did this tax cut for the wealthy make it so the 'rich' paid a lower percentage of their income than the 'not rich'? Maybe you would like to expound why it is inherently more fair that one individual should be taxed at a higher rate than another individual. Why, I believe that in light of your strong feelings on the matter, you are free to donate any and all of your personal funds to the less fortunate. I think Republicans would certainly take notice if the socialist party, er, Democrats, would voluntary redistribute their own personal assets first, as an example. May I suggest that they start with yours?

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      • The fact is that in the U.S we reward success
        with $$$.Because of this the U.S govt says
        now that youve reaped the benefit of our
        American system,and have amassed a bigger pile than the rest,you OWE it give back a bigger
        chunk,so we can take care of the less fortunate.Most people don't like taxes,but know
        its our system,and do the best they can to keep
        what they can.Just imagine if that 1% decided to move out of the U.S,and say buy Bermuda..The
        99% of us left couldnt afford 1/2 of the
        annual budget.So everyone save your sheckies:)