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  • yahoo yahoo May 9, 2005 4:46 PM Flag

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    • Sir,you are a flimflam man from a rimram room.
      Its plain to me that you think that anyone
      who has acquired wealth should be unfairly
      taxed.So why should I knock myself out going
      to school,working hard,sacrificing all manner
      of good fun,just to end up giving more than
      my fair share.No if 1% of the people are
      holdin up more than there share,they should
      be the first to eat.Sorry but thats the fact!!

    • And another thing facts...You're assertion that the middle class bears the brunt of the tax burden is BS.

      The top 10% of wage earners in this country account for about 60% of all income taxes paid and the top 20% pay close to 80% of the taxes.

      That's right. 20% pay almost 80%. Doesn't leave much for the middle class to pay, does it?

    • Well, if deficits are so bad, how come an overlay of any metric you can name (stock market performance, economic growth, etc.) on top of Reagan's "record" deficits shows everything taking off like a rocket soon AFTER the tax cuts of the early 80's?

      And to refresh your memory, the "Clinton" economic expansion didn't really kick in until the Republicans took over Congress in '94.

      Clinton was nothing more than a lucky beneficiary of the incredible growth of IT spending in the 90's to replace old legacy computer systems and comply with Y2K standards coupled with the growth of globalization. At least he had the good sense to get out of the way.

      Now John F'ing Kerry wants to pander to the union vote by denouncing outsourcing. One thing's for sure: Companies that go bankrupt because of the democrats "protectionist" posture won't be hiring anyone, onshore or offshore.