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  • psych79431 psych79431 Jun 30, 2004 2:00 PM Flag

    Deleted Message

    I take issue with the way you phrase "Bush
    sent them to their death.Look, we have soldiers in voluntary service who put their life on the line to preserve democracy.You
    shouldnt use their deaths to push your political aggenda,,its just plain wrong!!The
    movie was as insensitive to human suffering
    as your comments,and Moore is lining his
    pockets..ALSO plainly wrong.And btw we are
    safer,and have been safer(no new 911's since
    Iraq),we will continue to be safer..We will
    for the first time have a democracy in the
    Arab heartland...right in the center where
    you want it.It will spread just like in
    Europe and parts of Asia.People will have a
    much better standard of living as a result
    of this war..I am on record as saying I
    was not for the war,but we must stay the
    course now that we are there.