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  • psych79431 psych79431 Aug 4, 2004 9:43 AM Flag

    Deleted Message

    Again i don't know where you find your
    information..Real wages and benefits are
    up 0.9%(april-june)..As decreasing price
    pressure for health benefits on small businesses continues,we will continue to
    see improving economy..Unemployment less
    than 400k = job growth=increasing GDP(which
    btw @3,4,5% is stellar given the load we
    bear by the rest of the world)..Kerry knows
    dittily about the economy my friend.And
    I already showed you the math a zillion
    times on tax cuts as it relates to economic growth..Lastly,no matter what else you think
    you know about DEMS"If they get it.$.they will
    squander it!!"

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