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    • Go do the search ,,Buffet is a REGISTERED
      democrat(on public record)...And as to you
      doom and gloom deficit numbers,you can check them too (CBO puts them out)..we are currently
      at about 3% of GDP compared to a historical
      average of 1.6%...Gimmeee a break..Asia??Do you
      have any idea about growth rates?JOBS ARE RETURNING(i've already explained).America is growing at the fastest clip since 1984(7.2%).If you told the truth,,youd know that
      BUSH inherited a stock meltdown,terrorist
      attacks,and global economic slowdown..He is not to
      blame for all the spending by congress,or the poor saving rate in America(which is the real
      issue to your treasury question).Lastly let me close by saying,that i do agree that
      America needs to shore up its fiscal policies,
      and stop spending 7% of GDP on entitlement
      programs(then we won't need foreigners to loan
      us the current 5% of GDP,and we could get