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  • zackohio zackohio Jun 28, 2007 3:27 PM Flag

    How did you discover WWAT?

    A few months ago I was browsing the Toyota (TM) msgs, and some guy started hawking WWAT. Went to the WWAT website, liked what I read, and then went to the WWAT msg. board on Yahoo, and liked even more what I read.

    Then I took the plunge, but cashed out before I went on vacation with a nice run-up. [The day after I cashed out the stock dropped 15%.] Bought again after vacation. Now up 60%.

    Cramer encourages all investors to speculate "a little" and WWAT was a penny stock I chose. I have bought in increments. Now it's > $1.

    Thank you Toyota msg. board, Yahoo msg. board, WWAT website, and ...... Cramer!

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    • One day, I just decided to try investing. Why not.

      I only had thousands so I decided to bet on the public stocks. And I wanted something that could be a big thing in the future, like eco-energy. I googled so many MBs that I don't even remember where I saw WWAT, but I remember this : this company's chart was the only one that was going UP from time to time. Looked quite stable, so I bought it.

      And so far, things look pretty good. I've made small investments on here and there, but so far this one's the most stable, promising one. At least on my portfolio, lol.

    • About 3.5 years ago I was doing some research in the AE sector for some BB stocks and came accrossed this little gem, just before they got the avocado farm contract I believe. It was actually one of the first stocks I ever bought in my PA. I bought some immediatley and watched the stock go way down to around .21 and proceeded to buy more I honestly didnt have a clue what I was doing but I bought more. Then then the stock proceeded to rally, this was the summer of 05 when they did that PIPE deal and one of the stipulations was that the stock had to trade above .60 for a given period of time, I sold my postion up there. I followed the stock the entire time and decided to jump back in at the end of last summer when the stock started to trade about .40. I thought it was a great buy there only to see the stock keep plunging...I proceeded to buy more, the story was compeling and they kept on gettting larger and larger contract, it just didnt make sense to me. Finally the stock started to trade under .20 and I got a little panicked, however the next day the biggest technial breakout I have ever seen happend when the stock ripped on massive volume... I was a happy guy that day I remember jupming out of my seat at the trading desk and telling everyone to buy this stock...NOW and have been convinced ever since. Going Buffet style on this one boys and girls holding for a long time. Good luck all.

    • I actually worked for an investment firm in New york back in 2004. It was around August, when Quentin Kelly and a lady from their former IR firm went on roadshow and actually also presented to our company. The funds run by the company also invested heavily in the stock, but sold it in the 50s in 2004...
      I met the management, listened to their vision and achievments. Their technology (back then mainly their solar water pumps) convinced me and I bought into the stock, knowing that I won't sell this stock that early. 3 years later, that actually paid out very well :)
      QK is an impressive guy and the transformation of the company into a potentially very successful solar player in just astonishing.

    • nuke_the_gay_whales_for_jesus nuke_the_gay_whales_for_jesus Jun 28, 2007 7:52 PM Flag

      I was changing the bird cage liner, for my exotic parrot, when I stumbled upon an article about WWAT on the underside of the newspaper. Decided to sell the bird, took the cash and bought in @ 40 cents. Kinda miss the Parrot tho.

    • I was replacing my incadescent light bulbs with the new, don't throw them away - cause you hurt the environment, but they save you money flourescent bulbs when it just struck me... Why just save a watt when you can invest in watts? So I began a long search, investigating various angles of investing in watts. Along the way I picked up investments in an electric power company and a wind power generation company. WWAT came across one of the various message boards as a spam message I'm sure, not just sure which one. The investment themes that I have focused on are: power, oil, water, vice and real estate. Since WWAT was a fit for two of the five, I was interested. While I plugged away at doing a little dd the share price steadily rose until I pulled the trigger in the 40 cent range.

      That's my story.


    • I forgot to answer your question. I found WWAT by being in and out of EMKR over the past 5 years or so. When they announced buying part of WWAT I jumped on it then added blocks as time went on. All my shares are now free, if you know what I mean. I will hold to $20 or $0, which ever comes first.

    • I found WWAT over at

      I'm in at .89 cents. Who really knows if this is all real or not! Very risky, so I just started with a small $ amount. I currently have an oder to buy more on a good dip.

      I'm very surprised by the past two days action! I would say that it's running on hype for now so be very careful. You never know what penny stock picking website is pumping! Maybe later on this will turn into a viable company.

      Here is the article, copy and paste below.�or=Industries&subsector=Energy


    • someone posted WWAT on the ESLR board many moons ago, ESLR was heading downward so I took a chance on WWAT.

      WWAT seems like a good company soo far, will keep in until I see some negative news

    • zackohio!

      We will WATCH!
      See WHO!
      The MORON!
      It aint zackohio!


    • Don't ever mention cramer, he is the kiss of death to alternative energy stocks. NEVER!!!!!!




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