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  • MarkShao5 MarkShao5 Jun 5, 1998 6:47 PM Flag


    ...can anyone with a concern for the environment
    or respect for the human body buy shares of one of
    the most horrific company in the world? If Monsanto
    carries out its plans, none of the food we eat in the
    future will be made by mother nature, it will all be
    genetically engineered by Monsanto. This is so very dangerous
    I can't believe people aren't outraged. Monsanto is
    manufacturing the future where there is no prevention of
    disease (can't make a profit on something that hasn't
    occured, like sickness, if the population is healthy);
    there is only the "treatment" of symptoms with stronger
    and more devistating chemicals that will, over time
    and with continued consumption, change the very
    make-up of our bodies, minds and our children's bodies
    and minds as well (not to mention create more
    powerful and resistant strains of viruses and bacteria --
    which will infect animals and plants as well, creating
    the additional need to immunize/treat plants and
    animals with more Monsanto-made solutions). Monsanto
    claims to love the environment (as in a recent ad in the
    NYTimes) - but if it did, it wouldn't destroy it with the
    introduction of structurally (genetically) altered species.
    These species do not fit into the balanced cycle of
    nature. No one can know the intergenerational effects of
    such synthetic disruptions as these, not only to the
    human body but to the natural world as well. I urge
    everyone to think about these issues and ivestigate what
    this company is really doing. Do you want to be part
    of it? There are so many other companies
    contributing constructive things to society while making
    massive profits for their stockholders. Dump Monsanto so
    they'll stop dumping on us. And no, I do not hold any
    positions on MTC.
    I never thought I'd ever agree with
    Nancy Reagan on anything, but I can't say this more
    strongly: Just say no to drugs.

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    • A problem with a post-industrial society is that
      many people don't have to worry about where their next
      meal comes from. If those persons viewed their
      existance as a struggle, which it still is, they would be
      much less likely to give animals human attributes, and
      would worry much more about their survival

      These same people, if given their way, will have their
      dog registered to vote. I suppose you vegans don't
      get a guilty conscience when you kill bugs on the
      windshields of your cars, or do you?

    • will you grant ours?


      Be silent!

      Go away!

      Spare us your extremist pontification.

      Let us discuss investments & finance without your ramblings.

    • "hemicephalic" but I don't know what that is.

    • I wish you Monsanto apologists could expand your vocabularies a bit and find synonyms for "snake oil" and "tree hugging". They're getting a bit stale.

    • I agree!!!!!!

      You're just beginning to
      find out that this guy is screwed up. He is
      hemicephalic. If I were you I wouldn't respond on the board.
      It's a waste of time. He is still in the 19th century
      selling snake oil and honey.
      Wish you a Happy Fourth.

    • Sorry about that...just a typo...I always meant MTC..not MTS...thanks for setting me straight.

    • I always seem to be out of sync with you but I
      recently changed my diet after 3 years of religiously
      counting every calorie, fat-gram, protein and fiber
      because I had been putting on weight, in spite of aerobic
      exercise 3X/wk, walking up to 25mi/wk and lifting weights.
      My cholesterol level was 220 even with a diet of
      less than 20% of my caloric intake from fat.
      switched out of desperation to a low carb diet and now eat
      milk, cheese, eggs, bacon, red meat, fish and chicken.
      No sugar,
      small amounts of fruit (mainly
      berries), no white bread, rice, or
      potatoes. Guess
      what??? I have lost weight and my cholesterol is 160. Go


    • IN your mind synthetic Vitamin b12 is different from natural Vitamin 12 ? Where did you learn your chemistry ? You are so very screwed up !

    • For some high cholesterol is self-induced.
      However, there are many people with inherited high
      cholesterol that cannot be modified by diet. My experience
      Mark, indicates that such generalizations are

    • my statement about genetic defects. Fishingfreak
      claimed that high cholesterol is caused by a genetic
      defect. I said if this is so, then "why do people with a
      "Western diet" have a disproportionate amount of genetic
      defects?!" What I meant was high cholesterol does not really
      exist in countries who do not have our meat-centered,
      high-fat, low fiber diet. So if "we" have all the high
      cholesterol then, if as fishingfreak says, we have all the
      genetic defects (since we have all the high

      My point was that high cholesterol is not primarily
      caused by genetic defects, but by diet. Certain people
      might have a genetic predisposition to develop high
      cholesterol, but in most cases won't develop it if their diet
      is plant-basd and if they exercise. If high
      cholesterol was caused by genetic defect, then more people
      around the world would develop it. UNLESS, as I
      facetiously said, we have all the genetic defects!

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