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  • momsfund momsfund Jun 18, 1998 10:19 AM Flag


    And I have also used honey in cold remedies. No I
    do not have an
    holistic pediatrician- besides my
    youngest is 18 and we outgrew pediatricians long ago. I
    use a family practitioner and common sense. Both my
    husband and I are involved in the medical profession. I
    am also an amateur herbalist - I grow my own herbs
    and have some old family remedies that I use them for
    ranging from topical ointments to cough medicines. BUT I
    know their limitations and use prescription drugs when
    neccessary. I am not ignorant nor afraid of what modern
    medicine has bought to the table. All my children are
    doing quite well - physically, mentally and
    spiritually. I have one son who is 6'5", and serving in the
    USMC. Used a lot of honey on him because he had a bad
    sweet tooth. Honey was more satisfying. We do have one
    daughter that we are concerned about though - we aren't
    sure how our very conservative household turned out a
    "tree-hugger" but she is only 24 so there is hope. One son is
    in Chemical Eng. at Ga Tech and could end of
    co-oping at Monsanto. We would be delighted if that
    happens. Another daughter is a Bio-Chem major.
    enuf on my family - I think I started getting
    defensive - Moms do that.