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  • brain_dead_pumper brain_dead_pumper Aug 8, 2004 8:18 PM Flag



    IHMO only

    As I said before beat Warren Buffet is accumulating huge.
    Steal em away from him.
    Also all shareholders will get Sunwing IPO
    shares for free.IVAN LOVES US LONGS.
    Fellow long Duane say hi to Bob for me.
    Do you type together?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • thats my other alias by the way that I intentionally let you see Im AKA leanjesusholyname to those that dont know.

      PART 2 continued

      So you see I have a belief of never calling people names such as gay or nigger or your this or your that because words can turn to wars in seconds and with a guy like me and I believe gohard777 AKA Bob as well there will be hell to pay for.

      So to assume and tease and call bob and I gay is one of these violations especially since I depise and abhor the homosexual lifestyle of both the male and female human species, this accusation and tease if said in person face to face would call for an on the spot drop everything and lets go out back and see about that big mouth of yours and when your done then tell me if you think that way about me still.

      I say all this just to school some of these airheads that just because Im a christian doesnt mean I or they wont respond with such a reaction, I suggest being more careful with your big mouths or maybe someday I might be the other guy you just insulted,spit on cursed at ,etc!

      I do thank you trudythemonkey in your round about way of making me see the insignificance of one of these types of individuals , but due to the nature of the accusation of calling a couple of white ,conservative and extremely tough guys a couple of queers,I felt it necessary to speak up and ask the man if I heard him right and would he mind coming closer and repeating again in my face so I was sure I heard right !Plain and simple you be barking up the wrong tree half wit or another way of putting it brain dead !

      You reminded me trudythemonkey to do what jesus would do, so for now I forgive the deeply evil accusation from braindead and will move on!

      Braindead will also be added to my ignore list and maybe yahoo will find he is another alias of mikes2020 fromway back.

      Anyhow thanks again trudy and friends for your support.

      Love In Him JESUS CHRIST....

      Duane <EOM>

    • get back in the basement before i bitch-slap your mother again for having, er....bob.

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