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  • jasont2976 jasont2976 May 27, 2008 9:52 AM Flag



    Here goes the classic IVAN pump and dump. People like Rhino are the ones who make money here. He buys for 1-2 years at lows and sells at highs. I have seen him buy into the hype and overpay for the stock in the past too though. At least he makes money. The rest of the people buying today and last week are about to fall victim to the pump and dump. This stock will peak @ 3.05-3.10 and be back @ 2.30 in 3 weeks. Look at the premarket shares. There were no big blocks ( a few above 2000, 1 @ 9000) this shows you institutions arent buying this scheme only eager small traders who are buying on the spike and motley fool article. They are going to take losses while Rhino profits...

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    • Nice thread!!!

      P.S. Nice gains for Ivanhoe!!!

      So, 'replying to the originator of the thread', you say it is topped out now, the gains today would say so.

      I would love nothing more than Ivanhoe be the big winner, preferred stock, as it should be. I have watched and invested in this company sinced June of 2003, I think I have seen it all. Of course, BNWILD and Focussed4 have been here 2 to 3 years longer than me and they are still here. That says a lot too.

      As far as your take on Ivanhoe, I would say that I agree, it is Ivanhoe's nature and track record to do so, it always does. Maybe one day, that thinking will lose someone dollars of winnings but this time you are probably correct; time will tell. In any case, Ivanhoie can make people money, one has to try and figure how Ivanhoie goes and you seem to know, as do I, except I find it hard to guess how high it will go before the perigee, right now it is at or close to apogee. Like a satellite in an eccentric orbit, it has high orbit and low orbit but it doesn't seem to have the fuel to raisde it orbit any......

      Just a strange way of looking at it that I do.

      Go Ivanhoe!!! One day maybe it will acheive escape velocity.

    • Date Open High Low Last Change Volume % Change
      05/27/08 2.90 2.92 2.57 2.77 +0.03 5886435 +1.09%

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      Trend Spotter TM Buy

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      20 Day Bollinger Bands Buy

      Short Term Indicators Average: 100% - Buy
      20-Day Average Volume - 1722972

      Medium Term Indicators
      40 Day Commodity Channel Index Buy
      50 Day Moving Average vs Price Buy
      20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator Buy
      50 Day Parabolic Time/Price Buy

      Medium Term Indicators Average: 100% - Buy
      50-Day Average Volume - 1280553

      Long Term Indicators
      60 Day Commodity Channel Index Buy
      100 Day Moving Average vs Price Buy
      50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator Buy

      Long Term Indicators Average: 100% - Buy
      100-Day Average Volume - 995972

      Overall Average: 100% - Buy

      Price Support Pivot Point Resistance

      2.77 2.40 2.75 3.10


    • that's a nice speech jasont -

      so you think you are providing some valuable service by popping in here, then bragging & lecturing about how to trade?
      who the flip do you expect cares about your great trading skills? my god the ego of some people! - everything you have said could be said and HAS been said by scores of people before you - you think you just discovered something and you need to grace this board with this new-found wisdom?

      'buy on the dip, sell on the spike, that's called trading'...yada yada yada...boy, no one's ever heard that before - you got it all figured out don't you smart guy?

      talk is cheap - anyone can say what a great trade they just made. that's why most people don't brag like you on these boards - they are wise enough to know that this is not verifiable - you might as well say you made millions today -

      like razor said, nothing like a little run to bring out all the cockroaches

    • Let's see how many of your ridicule Jason
      'cos he posted the truth. I am sure both he, you and I would give our right (whatever) to own IVAN at $100 pps, but Jason's stating the facts at this point in time.

    • Sorry, but today was a classic set up!
      Run the pps up in premarket to open at a gap
      Then those who are smart (not me) sell in early AM, then wait to buy back in later in day.

      I was tempted to sell, but did not because there seem to be more buyers of shares then sellers on Level II. However I sure wished I had sold in Pre Market.

      I think today was just another profit taking days for the big boys who know how to play the game.

    • I certainly would not fault Rhino on making money! He is an investor with one pile of money while he is a savvy trader with the other pile. I just wish I had the extra cash to do what he is doing. My congrats to him!

    • Sure this has happened before.
      But this time it could be different.
      Might see Oct 2003 again.
      You just never know.

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