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  • daybreak0500 daybreak0500 Nov 20, 2009 1:13 PM Flag

    CC Highlights...let the fools here rant

    They are selfish, duplicitous nae sayers.

    For Truth, go to the source in the CC.

    Some of us here understand. I know analysts understand,
    like Chris Feltin of Tristone, now Macquarie who asked RF questions on the call.
    This is amazing and an entire new chapter for our company.
    Light, sweet oil a couple of thousand feet below the surface.
    Pump and sell, no HTL, ready Markets in China across the border.

    The retired B29 pilot gentleman-
    hi Chief and I tip my hat to you if you are reading this board
    both for your military service and your steadfastness in Ivan-
    was good BECAUSE he was us.

    He is every average Joe, who based on DD and courage,
    has invested here and as a David asked Goliath, ‘How we are doing?’
    He heard from RF in response to his questions,

    “Don’t worry about it mate…things get recognized when they get recognized…
    we are building things one brick at a time…we have a very strong team in Canada,
    in Latin America and in Asia……
    we keep a strong balance sheet…we avoid debt…
    we have an amazing potential here.”


    “No cash, only 3 million shares, production sharing agreement with Pan Asian.
    Close deal in 2-3 wks. Excellent block, entry point low,
    excellent leverage for Ivan shareholders…”
    Ian Barnett.

    RF: “We now have huge resource…nice LIGHT SWEET CRUDE 36-38 API.
    All created with our Chinese oil/gas cash flow which is strong.
    Grow company to list on major Asian exchange.
    Land mass in Mongolia we have to work
    is greater than size of Kuwait.

    David Dick, who joined Ivan for help with financial agreements/management,
    grew his Western Oil Sands company
    from very small and sold it for over 7 Billion.”

    “Wells to be drilled are not deep, 1-2 kilometers,
    so 1-2 million dollars/well NOT 20 mil/well.
    Easy to get to.
    Given the advanced state of geological and seismic
    very nice odds for finding very significant fields.”

    “It’s difficult to exaggerate
    how many calls I’m getting from international financial institutions
    and from sovereign wealth funds
    and others that are interested to participate in Mongolias economic growth
    and one of the most fundamental
    is oil and gas.”

    "China has one oil company in Mongolia... have a 500 mil budget would not commit if they did not see
    Huge Upside."

    “We create the kind of portfolio where you have sort of a menu
    of low risk cash flow and sort of visionary upside geologic potential…
    we create a kind of ingredient
    to create a listed Asian Oil and Gas company
    that could have a very handsome valuation
    ‘Grow Like Wildfire’.”

    This is not building SAGD and HTL for four years.
    This is drill shallow wells for 1-2 mil each
    where 20 of 40 drilled strike oil.
    Find oil, light oil
    and pump and sell
    to ready markets over the border with China.

    Who realizes how awesome this will be
    And sooner than many think?

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