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  • homesforsalenky homesforsalenky Dec 26, 2012 1:50 PM Flag

    Who are the latest suckers buying this junk?

    Huh? Watch them raise their hands :)

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      Hope you can sell your homes -- even in KY! But, I'm raising my hand for IVAN!

      Yes, it is a speculative play and I understand that many of you have been fed the IVAN dog food for a terribly long time -- I feel your pain. That said, I started buying around .45 and have a nice profit. It does appear that the Tamarack project has a decent chance of receiving Canadian Gov environmental approval in the near future. If that happens, then shares will run well over $1 as the Tamarack play has intrinsic value regardless of utilization of IVAN's HTL gizmos. That should attract a partner to help develop the property. If all that fails, IVAN's assets are significantly greater than IVAN's market cap -- so it's hard to see a downside in the intermediate time frame. I'm also believing that management has continued to fix the over-indulgences from the past and will eventually drive the company to profitability and growth by sticking to core businesses. As far as the HTL, puzzling to me why there has not been a JV partner to date -- seems like the process should work -- but hey, I'm not a petro engineer...

      So, I'll continue to accumulate IVAN at least through the end of Q1 2013 waiting on announcements for the Tamarack project and/or JV announcements. IVAN is a special situation that can do extremely well from here forward with little downside risk. Call me a sucker if you wish, but IVAN looks awfully attractive right now...

      All the very best,

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    • panpeterpeter875 Dec 26, 2012 2:19 PM Flag

      To move the stock 8% on the opening. They know something we don't, they've been buying quite a bit lately.

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