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  • cephasalpha_is_back cephasalpha_is_back Mar 12, 2013 6:53 PM Flag


    Nothing has changed. Selling assets will also decrease revenue. Most monies go to pay managements outrageous salaries for doing nothing but screwing up royally . This company is nothing but a farce.

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    • The truth hurts and they know it! This company is a joke. Not one HTL facility ever built and how many years ago did the HO buy the patent? What ever happened to all the GTL plants they were to build? Why did all the major oil companies walk when they reviewed the process first hand? What ever happened to the Iraq's HTL plant? All lies and 100% FARCE!!!! THE COMPANY THAT NEVER COULD AND NEVER DID. FAILURE PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

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    • How many handles do you have ZOO? to many to count I hope at least you keep the same password. That would get exhausting

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    • Hey Zooloo if your going to change names at least change what you continuously pointless useless idiotic thoughts. NO ONE CARES if you loss 80,000 in 2007. You need to put your efforts into finding companies that are undervalued like IVAN right now. Its a steal at .75 I just wish I picked up more at .45. I flag everyone on of your post. and to my peeps that love IVAN and love what they have be doing as of late please flag all of Zooloo's post and lets make sure this homeless guy has a hard time getting back on this bored.

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