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  • djean1988 djean1988 May 7, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    Stupendously undervalued

    It's only a matter of time before Ivanhoe sp starts moving upwards because it is way way undervalued at this level.
    Many projects aren't really even valued in the share price:
    * Tamarack will have proven assets in the ground soon when it gains its order of counsel
    * Tamarack will generate cash flow with in two years of listing a partner
    * EC is on the horizon with a partner per the last CC
    * Involvement in off shore heavy oil utilizing HTL on a vessel.
    * other opportunities world wide

    Up already this morning, so you better get in while the gettin is good. Once we approach $5 the big boys will then get in the mix.

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    • Too funny. Another dreamer.

    • The company and stock is a POS that is why they have to reverse split and it's only a buck and change. IVAN CREATING BAGHOLDER SINCE 1995 AND YOU ARE ONE OF THEM........LMFAO!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • The window is starting to close on buying shares at a steeply depressed share price.

      SOC's should be squared away soon
      Tamarack approval by end of 2nd qtr
      Order of council will be finished
      Proven reserves on Tamarack will be counted as asset
      Partner for Tamarack imminent once Tamarack has order of council
      EC moving forward per past company announcements

    • Every day that goes by we are getting closer reeping the return longs have been waiting for with Ivanhoe.

    • Today is the last day for Nasdaq compliance and should be a buying opportunity for anyone wanting shares close to the bottom. Great time to open a position or add to a position.

    • The flaw in this assumption of undervalue is that the insiders, who have a better handle on things than we in the peanut gallery, are not buying the stock at this "stupendously undervalued" price. I wish I knew why.

    • Published on Monday, May 6, 2013 by Common Dreams
      House GOP Prepares Fast-Track for Keystone XL
      In memo, House Majority Leader declares: 'We will ensure that the Keystone XL pipeline is built without any further delay'
      - Lauren McCauley, staff writer

      This month, the Republican-dominated House of Representatives will vote on, and likely approve, a measure that bypasses White House approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, fast-tracking construction of the controversial project.

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      • Check out the article dated April 22, 2013
        Kinder Morgan quietly plans West Coast pipeline expansion for oil sands
        As President Obama weighs the fate of the Keystone pipeline, a similar project connecting Canada’s oil sands to the West Coast is quietly moving forward, little noticed in the United States.

        A 60-year-old pipeline already pumps oil from northern Alberta to Vancouver’s busy harbor for shipment to Asia or California. Now the owner, Kinder Morgan Canada, wants to nearly triple the Trans Mountain Pipeline’s capacity, making it even bigger than Keystone.

        And unlike Keystone, Trans Mountain’s proposed $5.4 billion expansion doesn’t need the approval of the U.S. government. Canadian authorities will have the final say.

        The project would give Canada’s oil industry something it desperately wants — a wide-open conduit between the tar sands and the global market. The existing pipelines that run from northern Alberta are at full capacity, and oil sands operators can’t increase production as a result. Plus, most of the lines run south to the United States, which is in the midst of its own oil boom. Direct access to overseas customers could fetch tar sands oil a higher price.

        “The constraints are extremely real,” said Geoff Hill, head of consulting firm Deloitte Canada’s oil and gas practice. “We can’t get our product to market. We need several pipelines leaving Canada, not one.”

    • Yeah, but... if IVAN doesn't get all the signatures for the letters of concern issued signed within the next couple of weeks, they will likely not get Tamarack approval by end of Q2... In addition, they're awaiting a ruling on eliminating one 1st tribe that shouldn't have a standing in this case. The wheels of gov't move ever so slow...

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