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  • bnwild56 bnwild56 May 24, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    Yahoo MRKT CAP wrong on ivan, think

    before you assume. Yeah I maybe selling if the mekt cap were what yahoo says but it isn't. Is it...To get an approximation divide the yahoo number by three...

    or use this 115 million share outstanding times 1.33 and we/I have market cap of 153 million for Ivan. Last I looked ivan had 80 mill in Cash.
    Ivan's book value on HTL is over 100 million.

    an a biggy Tamarack book is about 100 mill which is about what ivan PAID TLM so the asset is correctly valued not to mention ivan invested another 30 plus million(actually more, but i not go look it up) in core holes etc...

    Then there is EC it is surely worth a little more than what ivan has spent on the exploration of block 20..Which again is an ivestment north of 30 million...IF anything ivan is trading at a discount at these prices...

    You could argue HTL is valuless to other companies in the industry...Fine.
    We , ivan still has Tamarack which if put on market would fetch 100 million as is!
    Ivan has EC block 20 which is put on the market is worth 30 plus million at fire sale pricing.

    Those two cover the shar price today and we havent consider ivan;s cash on hand, let me call it 40 million.

    Those assets boys and girls are worth over 170 million at fire sale prices...Of course the mongolian lease is worth something too....

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