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  • gv66868 gv66868 Jul 27, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Something may be brewing with Suncor

    It's been 4 months since Suncor had filed its SOC.
    Usually these matters get resolved within a couple of months, considering IVAN had submitted all of its R&D data in writing.

    I have a feeling that commercial interests are being discussed between the two companies, whereby Suncor will invest in IVAN to use its HTL technology to increase the price it gets for its crude and remove the need for ever growing tailing ponds, reduce their maintenance and liability costs. Looks like we'll find out in August the nature of the relationship (if they agree on the terms)...

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    • I have heard the same thing......commercial discussions. Suncor is wrong to use the regulatory SOC resolution as leverage on the commercial discussions. My take only, but makes no sense why they have not signed off otherwise. In any event, SOC was referred back to regulator for guidance and next steps in parallel with continuing negotiations on commercials and SOC directly with Suncor. Not expecting anything soon from regulator as new committee now in charge and Suncor has no incentive to move forward timely.

      On EC I don't expect anything soon either as new head of Energy agency in place. He is a new player to Ivan and comes from leading the recently announced refinery project agreed with China. This may help us eventually if China ends up being the partner which is my guess. Here too, more relationship building and getting on agendas needed before cleared for announcement. My reading of the tea leaves.



    • The only thing you know in SOC is State of Confusion - LMFAO!!!!!
      Give it up buggie because you were exposed as another FRAUD and DELIQUESCE!

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    • That would be great news!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I love it how zoo b!tch is scared and irritated by my postings. He tries to post under various aliases, but the signature is all too familiar... Rest assured, IVAN will catapult out of this very deep hole the minute big players will smell the deal is in the works, and/or TM approval is at hand...

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      • Hey GV ,I just wanted you to know I am legit,Not a Troll! I've been a member of this board sinse May 1, 2013. I'm a small time invester ,I own about 197,000 shares and plan on adding more later,I am long on Ivan! I do agree Ivan will catapult when all the news breaks. This stock is so wound tight ,We will see it Pop just on any good news!!!

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      • agreed ivan will catapult out of this very deep hole when big players hop on board. and very soon........... see I can't be zoo............ lol. but for some reason GV wants to think all people disagreeing with him is Zoo.... maybe that makes him feel better.. I don't know. IVAN very long for 10 years.

    • Hey GV let us all know as soon as you hear or read anything on suncor and Ivan thanks!

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      • Cstevision - just look on their website that's where it will be. He doesn't have any other information that you and I don't.. though they say they have contacts.. I have contacts too, a 14 lb maltipoo but the dog doesnt know anything about news coming out either. Remember just two weeks ago he that week or maybe last week.. nothing. or you may contact Hillary or Shipla with IVAN AND THEY CAN TELL YOU SOME vague things but nothing definite.

    • GV,That would be great if Ivan and suncor energy did come to some type of agreement and become partners,can't wait to see what happens! You shorts out there better be covering your selves or dill with consequences of losing y'alls #$%$

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    • Yes. I think they are,after I read Suncor energy releases 2013 report on sustainability I think some things is cooking in the kitchen

    • Your pumping will now be ignored by all intelligent investors. I suppose you might want to tell us about "something" will happen in 2 days ( or 2 weeks, or ...). I'm sure your inside contacts fill you every day. LMAO !!!

    • Could not be 4 months because per the Application 1665921 to File a Statement of Concern
      Under Section 73 of the EPEA, any person who may be directly affected by the EPEA application may submit a written statement of concern. Statements of concern under the EPEA must be submitted by February 11, 2011.

      All SOC's had to be filed more than two years ago to which IVAN is just now starting to address

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