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  • sceptic14u sceptic14u Aug 5, 2005 10:02 AM Flag

    Papa Johns Pizzeria: employee lounge

    Fluff announcement. No numbers, not even an identity. My guess, either Papa Johns or Taco bell employee lounge.

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    • GEPT has more fluffers on staff than a porno movie set.

      As some people have rightly pointed out this is another typcial GEPT puff piece that has absolutely no substance. No mention of the chain, no mention of how many stores actually will get systems, no mention of how much revenue it will bring in. These are the same type of nonsense press releases that IPIX was putting out over and over again and see where IPIX eventually ended up.

      Without hard dollar facts there is no way to judge what the financial impact will be on GEPT revenue stream. Yet people jump in blindly buying while Pan sits back and chortles while they sop up his once worthless stock.

      Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled also when people bought my once worthless GEPT stock and let me unwind my long position that I thought I'd have to pass along in my will. Nothing wrong with a new generation of bagholders coming along to help out the old generation of bagholders. Now is the time for those bagholders to unload on the new crew that popped up out of nowhere. New names posting the usual gibberish, sometimes 8 times in a row. Posters that just learned how to cut and paste old news articles over and over again thinking that counts as wise posting. And general fools who think they are beating the shorts.

      This stock has already fallen from it's intraday high and it is still early. Let's see what happens when people realize that the news release is all fluff.