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  • jonathanzchillin jonathanzchillin Jan 18, 2006 11:59 AM Flag

    On the way up...

    Earnings coming next Thursday - should see a run up to 70 until the news is released, plus they acquired a stent technology company (as announced today), which is at the heart of the J&J BSX and Guidance merger. BCR may itself now be an acquisition target by J&J.

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    • Well. It looks like JnJ is going to fall out of the running with Guidant. They still have to meet growth by 10 - 12% this year. Buying Bard would be like having anothe division in JnJ. They are excellent at diversity. Maybe the US and EU market would consider JnJ and Bard product line a no-no, but the rest of the world would not. Think globally. The truth is Bard is a great stock. If it was not a good company you would not want it. They always hit earnings. Just eliminate some overhead, consolidate a few manufacturing sites, and you make yourself a few more million. I don't pretend to be an expert, but if Bard can't get bought out, I would dump it.

    • your headline alone is scandalous!

      Not that I have anything against the deal, but WHY would JnJ do a deal like this, financial sense may be all well and good, but - and I challenge you on this - the product mix needs to be right. Like I said, I dont see a good fit. That's where I have my problem, and frankly, I'll bet you wrote your post before thinking about THAT.

      Think, guys, think. Before you operate the mouth, make sure the brain is engaged.

    • The bright spot in J&J's earnings this morning was the medical device group. That's why they went after Guidant - to bolster devices. BCR is even more in the crosshairs, now since it seems a much better company than Guidant.

    • Well, Smitty, you said it yourself. I won't comment further except to say that the post about the having the hernia market by the short hairs is a valid point. Certainly anyone buying Bard just to get the hernia repair line would really have a hard time with justification...but maybe I'm an idiot like you!

    • could it be your from europe? the only overtaking done in the US is on the highway. you mean takeover.

      sure the davol line is a cherry in anyones pie. but the deal would never fly. Together JNJ would have the market by the short hairs. That's a no-no!

    • makes sense jnj will buy bcr - price will be 85-90

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