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  • MYRMIDON99 MYRMIDON99 Apr 3, 1998 9:25 AM Flag


    i have been watching the postings here for some time now and
    i wonder why so much energy is wasted on negative things. I "am"
    a bard employee and will say that it is a good company to work for. Yes, we've had problems but we have more opportunities. Most
    of my fellow employees joke about the items and issues you folks
    discuss here however we just joke. we all have a personal stake in making bard successful and realize that no organization is perfect. If bard has a fault, it is that the executives are too close to the employees. Our employees see our exec's every day and as such we know what they drive, play and are like. This is
    what leads some to become jealous. However, lets not overlook the issue that dispite thier life styles (who cares what that
    is ) they help us provide a decent living and enjoyable lifestype for our families. Some of the things i see posted here lately
    ignore the fact that bard is made up of people and some very nasty issues are brought forward. Who amongst you wants to tell my
    children that because someone hated an organization they destroyed the life i've been trying to build for my family ? Folks, please
    realize that you hurt many innocent people, so if you are unhappy show it by investing else where. Vote your stock but please stop
    the damaging and negative talk and postings. Spend that energy on something useful and let us go back to tring to build a
    successful and profitable compny which we know bard can be.

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    • Dear MYRMIDON

      How sad your message was. You are either part of the management group that is out there swinging those golf clubs or you are
      one deluded soul. I would love to discuss your message point by point, but le's just take a few. (1) why don't you tell us just
      what is good about Bard these days, other than some dedicated capable employees that remain (I'm sure you count yourself as part
      of that group.) Yes, Bard has opportunities, but it lacks either the resources, the direction, or the courage to take advantage
      of them. (2) Your statement that "Bard's only fault is that its management is too close to the employees" is either a gross
      misperception on your part or a hilarious joke. How often does Bill Longfield stop at the offices of employees just to ask how things are
      going? How often does Bard management sit down with people throughout the organization and really talk with them - ask them how,
      together, we could build a better Bard? I suggested that, one Friday afternoon a month, groups of employees get together over a pizza
      to brainstorm about how we could build a "better" Bard. Response from HR: oh, it would never work. You think employees are
      "jealous" of the execs??? Getting to know upper management engendered only disappointment that they were so out of touch with
      employees, apathetic about the level of morale - and so unwilling to think in new and different ways.
      What kind of opportunities does Bard offer the average employee? Very, very few. Why don't you tell all the employees that
      Bard has and will lay off about your "decent living" and "enjoyable lifestyle?" That you could be so insensitive to the hardship
      suffered by those people - caused only by poor management of Bard's resources - leads one to think that you are part of the problem
      and not part of a possible solution at Bard. When I worked at Bard, I waived an increase in my salary in solidarity for those
      who were laid off. How many "executives" offered to do that? Notwithstanding the sorry state of the company, has Bill Longfield
      or any other executive waived their bonus??? Started to travel in coach??? Traded down their Jaguar for a car that reflects a
      more modest course of action?? Worked an occasional Saturday to make sure that important opportunities are addressed? No! The
      message sent to employees and the public (the only ones that seem to have missed it is the Board) is that management has unclear
      priorities at best.

      Let's be clear, no one hates Bard or you (lose the paranoia, ok?). No one is going to tell your family that you're a nasty
      man (you're obviously a man, since Bard has no women in upper management). I can't imagine that a Yahoo message board is going
      to "hurt innocent people." What will hurt innocent people is the continued apathy and mismanagement at executive levels of a
      company that still has good people working for it. I know from personal experience that those who try to make positive changes don't
      last long at Bard. There are many who left before me and many who left after me. Profitable and successful? What kind of message
      do you think was sent this week by booting out the COO and admitting that the Cardiology business is on the auction block? The
      first is only a cosmetic change - the second admits failure. Step out your "enjoyable lifestyle" for a minute, my friend and see
      what's really happening - before its too late.

      I wish you luck.

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      • There are a few of us at Cardiology who would like to see the unit sold to a company who knows how to back it's divisions!
        It's 1998 and there are very few new projects to be worked on. Obviously Corporate is going to harvest our revenues and stop
        investing in us in the short term, maybe the long term too. There are enough people still left in Cardiology who want this business to
        suceed, all we need is the support. April 16th (day after stockholders meeting) should be interesting. There's been enough rumors
        going around, we are ready for the facts.

      • Dear Stkobserve,

        Extremely well said and well founded. Your words speak the truth in a very rationale manner unlike the idiotic tone of the message to which you replied.

      • Dear StkObserver,

        I would like to provide more information to support your letter to MYRMIDON.

        Bard Management is practicing mushroom management. They did not have the decency to inform USCI employees before or after their "admission" to Wall Street that the Cardiology business is on the auction block. Those loyal employees got the news just like us by reading this board or Wall Street Journal.

        Some employees believe that the announcement of selling Cardiology is another smoke screen that intends to boost stock price and keeping shareholders happy, prior to shareholders meeting.

        Thanks for your honest comments.


        To all visitors of this board:

        We, as Bard shareholders, would want to see Bard change for the better. How can we do it? Any suggestions other than casting our opposition votes?


    • grow up

    • First of all, e mail etiquette states not to use caps, it's like screaming at a person, but maybe that was your intention.
      You talk about families and taking a stake in one's future, well Bard use to be "family". Everyone would be there for each other
      and not have to worry about looking over their shoulders for the next dagger. It's amazing what happens to an organization when
      leaders put their own agenda over that of their employees. I wonder what Jack Welch would do differently if he were to run Bard.

      You look at this board as a source of negative rumors etc., did you ever think of taking a look at it and thinking that it was a courageous few who have spoken up because the masses are afraid of losing their job?

      You are right when you say that Bard is capable of being more than what S&P described last week but it will take more of a change than saying goodbye to Benson Smith. Streamlining the organization, divesting themselves of those non-essential businesses, getting rid of the old wood as well some of the players who have one goal in mind..their own agenda.

      Since you are still a loyal Bard employee, I would suggest rather than joke about these issues, you band together and discuss them with your management and turn that company around. Take it from one who knows all too well, it used to be a fun place to work, with some great people. Stop joking about it and do something about it, make it more than it has become.

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