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  • delver_rootnose delver_rootnose Apr 8, 1998 11:55 PM Flag

    Urinary catheter quote


    I heard on the radio today that a new silver coated catheter reduced urinary tract infections. Upon further research I found an article saying that this new catheter made by Bard reduced infections by 30% to 58%. There was also a quote by a DR. Dennis Maki of the University of Wisconsin that "This is the first time we have seen a catheter that provides substantial protection against catheter-associated urinary tract infection"

    Did he forget about the Nitrofuran delivery catheter of Rochester Medical that he tested that reduced infections ten-fold in the first three days. Through five days of catheterization had a six-fold reduction versus the control group. In my book a ten-fold reduction is better than a 50% reduction. Could anyone explain this. Was it a misquote by the Bard public relations people or was it taken out of context or am I missing something important?

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    • Delver, you have WAY too much information to have heard it on the radio. The problem with the Rochester cath. study is that
      nobody has seen the details other than a brief abstract. That is also true for Bard's study. A presentation at SHEA doesn't give
      anyone the opportunity to look at the study and analyze the details. The problem I see with both is that the Materials Manager
      doesn't care about overall savings. They want to see actual price reductions. That's why Bard hasn't done that well with their
      marketing efforts and why any company which gets into the game is going to have an uphill battle. That also points out a strategic
      flaw in Bard's marketing efforts. All they can expect is conversion of existing accounts. The exaggerated expectations, as usual,
      do not materialize.

      As to other messages: Wild Willy II, aka Big Billy, aka William Longfield, for all his faults ( and there are many ) does
      have some attributes: he always looks as if he stepped out of G.Q. (hence, his not allowing "casual days" even though 80% of the
      top companies have done that, including J&J ), and, he has a "golden parachute" which would make Idi Amin blush. If you go back
      and look at all of his compensation packages over the years, you'd wet your britches. And the Board of Directors? Look at the
      "perks". Why should they get rid of Billy? He set up the perks. Geeez!!

    • Greetings, delver_rootnose,

      Happy to see some product interest on this board.

      The distinction between the two catheters is significant. The Rochester Medical catheter attempts to *cure* infections,
      while the Bard catheter attempts to *prevent* them. The Rochester catheter has an antibiotic (or something like it) on it to cure
      the infection--note your words, "reduced infections ten-fold"--but only after the patient got the infection in the first place.
      The Bard catheter prevents the patient from ever *getting* the infection. Note Dr. Maki's words, "This is the first time we have
      seen a catheter that provides substantial protection against...infection."

      Hope this is helpful.

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