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  • randiegee98 randiegee98 Aug 14, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    People REMEMBER

    GPRC is a micro cap chinesse play, micro cap! people here say gprc should have a PE of 10x. That's a joke! no chinesse micro cap, can be compared to a US small cap! have you people heard the conference call????? if you want to have good long laugh, you better listen. If you want to be more convinced on why this baby is always a good short, listen to it. If you're a long, and always wandering why doesnt this stock sky rocket, LISTEN TO IT. Dont be reading all the #$%$, this diggerguy with all his aliases, talks about in here, that this stock should be worth 10 bucks!
    China is china, and almost all stocks there have to be undervalued, specially micro caps, i think a PE of 1.5 is a fair PE for GPRC and almost any china micro play!

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    • jarl.lundin Aug 15, 2013 6:14 AM Flag


    • GPRC is legitimate and has been visited several times by German authorities. See article Dutch Trader on Seeking Alpha.

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    • mmmmmmm US small caps suck also. Look at Goldfield (GV) today, no conference calls, nada.......salary of CEO more than half a million....................congrats An European Investor.

      At least Guanwei holds a CC and are honest, hard working folks.

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    • it's always a good sign when idiots scream ignorance on a message board, i am surprised you did not type out your stupidity in large caps and excamation points. as for Chinese microcaps, most have very reasonalbe valuations compared to GPRC, SVA, for instance is well valued, and jumped more significantly today than GPRC has done, on the news that SVA did not lose money, but broke even. GPRC is not in a sexy area of the market, and is little known. It's virtues as a value investment, however, are obvious to anyone who will listen to the conference call...which is not scheduled to take place until this Friday...

    • I believe a Pe around 6-8 times sounds more like it. the company has been pretty estable, no strange news. Thye price should be around $5-7.

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      • I remember several of your postings about taking a flyer on this stock, but not sure if you remember any of my earlier posts, as Yahoo seems to have lost/deleted most of my earlier thoughts about GPRC, and the tremendous potential price appreciation that this co. was destined for. My current holding is 180k. At 4.5% of the float, and as mentioned numerous times in my past postings, not one of these shares will be sold at ANYWHERE near this current valuation. I have always believed, shortly after discovering the company that this would be my first $1 mill. trade. And at 180k, I still need a $5.56/share increase from average purchase. I've told so many people about this company in the two plus years that I have been accumulating, and to my knowledge, no one ever really bought. I still remember a lot of the old names that used to post on here in 2011,and 2012,and they all seem to be gone now. I suppose they became frustrated, and sold out. I guess seeing your handle, and remembering it was what triggered this long reply

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