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  • paultradestoday paultradestoday Feb 5, 2011 12:02 AM Flag

    Citi Update

    This was posted by Citi after the conference call and received it via my account with MS/SB. IT IS NEW....sorry for sharing it with you idiots. I won't ever do it again!

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    • Don't let a couple of message board moe-rons get you down.

      Your posting of the information is appreciated and provides a record for us as we collect and analyze information.

      Citi appears to be assuming that it will be a class 2 refiling, giving the FDA 6 months. However, that fact was NOT confirmed by the company in the conference call so it remains unclear if that is correct. If it is incorrect, then that is "upside" from the consensus market expectation.

      Also, it is unclear why Citi believes that there might be a an Advisory Committee meeting. Why would the FDA consider the drug upon the initial application without conducting an Advisory Committee meeting, then require such a meeting when the CRL was issued only for (1) the mfg. issues and for (2) the month 25-36 data. By the way it is my understanding that the FDA does not require or request Advisory Committee meetings, but rather that the COMPANY is ALLOWED to request an Advisory Committee meeting.

      I am certainly willing to be contradicted on any of these posts by another poster who can support an argument why I am wrong on any one or all of these points.

      Stock analysis should not be done from a dogmatic standpoint.


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