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  • roomyb roomyb Feb 10, 2011 2:40 PM Flag


    I won't bite afterwards. All I want is some specific reasons why you think ALIM is a good investment. Give details and a time frame.

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    • Are you still laughing southern? Volume means nothing does it?

      bite me.

    • While you are defending a stupid argument, your investment is worth 20% less in just a few weeks. This stock is toast and will see much lower prices on higher VOLUME despite your hopes for Illuvien. Your chances of FDA approval are looking very slim these days.

      Take a look at your stock price over the past year. You would do better burying your money in a coffee can in your back yard.

      bite me.

    • I was just looking at ALIM's historical prices over the last year. Not very impressive. What I did find interesting is that a column includes the daily volume. Why don't you set them straight and tell them how useless that information is.

      Every time you try to defend your stupid statement, you look sillier. Tell us again how volume is not important.

      bite me.

    • You make yourself look foolish when you discount volume. Do you know anything about support and resistance? Do you think volume says anything about investor sentiment?

      Congratulations, your stock moved up for one day. It still remains dead money and little hope for approval.

      It is sad that you equate a significant indicator as volume to pins and voodoo dolls. Tell the Wall Street Journal and every one with a computer to erase the volume column because you know what a waste of space it really is.

      I feel really foolish responding to such an unsophisticated investor such as yourself. You are as clear as glass.

      bite me.

    • hey what happened to your genius theory about trading volumes, charts, tarot cards, tea leaves and pins in voodoo dolls?

      Volume is 2x normal and the stock is up 55 cents? What's up with that?

      I thought ALIM was dead money, dead meat blah blah blah.

      They release the full data set on Illuven this weekend. Look for more buyers next week.

    • Illuven is their future and that's why patient investors will be rewarded.

      Look at the data and literature. they have achieved great results for this problem which makes people go blind.
      Maybe you don't understand the urgency of having a treatment option when YOU ARE GOING BLIND!

      It may or may not be "dead money". With these small companies that are headed for a drug approval it can never be known when the institutional buyers will begin to take notice.

      You seem like pretty clueless daytrader type to me. And your "bite me" sign off serves to make my earlier point about what an idiot you are.

    • correction. PSDV is the dead meat stock. Sorry.

      This stock is also dead meat. Illuvien is their future.

    • Why do you insist on characterizing everyone who doubts this stock as a short term momentum trader and small investor? What you don't seem to see is that before too long, investors are going to become quite bored with this stock. PSDV only gets 20% and that is a percentage of unknown sales. You have no way of knowing how the treatment will be accepted in the marketplace and that is assuming approval. This stock is dead meat. Plow through those 2.2 million shares ahead of you. That alone is reason to avoid until the end of the year at the very earliest. I say no approval.

      bite me.


      The link is to institutional holdings whicch is perfect IMO and mirrors every great small pharma investment I have ever made. 15% institutional holders...when it's above 60 the story is generally over and all that's left is the buyout premiom.

      You keep an eye on the trading patterns and pick up your pennies on momentum with the other pikers. Investors are focused on results and will likely see many fold returns after this is launched.

      You understand that there is NO approved drug treatment for DME right? They can slow the blood vessel leakage with IOP surgery but that's it. You are going blind.

      I think this drug will be approved and will be a big success but the stock will go up and down in the meantime.

      Small thinking traders won't be able to hang on.

      So long.

    • More buyers than sellers is only reason....

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