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  • buheyetmee buheyetmee Feb 22, 2011 3:35 PM Flag

    CHECK OUT DCTH Message board FDA reaction

    Are you sure you want to risk your hard earned dollars on the whims of FDA? Remember OREX and now DCTH.

    Read what investors are saying now on the Delcath message board. You guys are going to be posting the same sad regrets with ALIM. They have nothing going for them but some temporary cash.

    Get out now while you still have a chance.

    bite me.

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    • You are too thick headed for words. You call taking an 80% return over three months on CBRX "picking off a few pennies"? Astonishing.

      Here is a revolutionary concept for you to digest. Forget every thing I ever said about volume et al and stare at this for a second. LOOK AT THE PRICE OF YOUR STOCK. It's a disaster. Suck on that one for a while.

      bite me.

    • You are a f--ing douchebag and a moron.

      I pointed out with CBRX that you understood NOTHING about the underlying science and that the stock traded DOWN ON LOW VOLUME (UNDER $1.00) before their excellent news which was really available to anyone paying attention years in advance.

      Just like ALIM is doing today.

      Attention VILLAGE IDIOT: The point is that volume and TA mean nothing to these small pharma companies and are not predictors of future success.

      BTW, stupid, you can watch CBRX move to $10 after they announce the full data set on the most important drug in OB/GYN in decades. Maybe you can pick off a few pennies watching your charts. LOL

    • How about some stocks that go almost straight down before the morons decide it is time to sell?

      You make me laugh when you make fun of me for owning CBRX at 1.70 and not buying it when it was .88. I wasn't aware of it then. So what.
      I more than made up for my entry point.

      Your arguments are so pathetic and weak. I laugh at your ignorance.

      bite me

    • What dumb comment did I make on CBRX. I bought it around 1.70 and sold it in the low 3's. I hardly mentioned it save for the fact that I bought it and made some money.

      Your personal attacks on me are wasted and an obvious attempt to cover up your ignorance. Your ALIM is over and you are going to get a big fat rejection down the road.

      You have some idea that all I do is day trade. Nothing could be more untrue. Stop trying to read into my investment strategies when you have no idea who I am or what I buy.

      bite me you moron.

    • What are you talking about? There are significant institutional increases in ALIM and insider buying.

      You are a fool and a complete F---ing idiot. I've proven in with your comments on CBRX.

      Oh yeah, so now you don't own CBRX because it went down today. Well maybe you should check your comments this morning, sure sounded like you were a big investor.

      You are a f---ing dunce...over time you will miss the real upside on everything you ever own because nothing ever goes straight up.

    • Look up the word liquidity and then apply your new found knowledge to ALIM and it's sister PSDV. While you are at it, study up some on sentiment, resistance and support. Check the SIZE of short positions and institutional holdings. You need some serious basic investing lessons. Do you know any former FDA staffers? Spend a few months with one of them and then you may come close to what I know. Until then..................

      bite me.

    • And that was just my personal position. Keep waiting for ALIM. Rejection is just around the corner. Meanwhile, I am cashing in.

      bite me.

    • Let's all check the message board to see what the worlds biggest clueless dumbs--t has to say about something he obviously knows nothing about.

      oh yeah..the stock price and the volume. The all telling indicator of the value of their science and success.

      Get a life you moron.

      btw, nasdaq tanked today as well as most all small cap pharma stocks. A very good time to buy ALIM.

      • 3 Replies to southern_cross_04
      • Southern, read the absurd comment you made about price and volume. You believe that the market price is an insignificant factor. I almost fell off my chair when I read that one.

        Have you ever heard of a margin account? Do you think price has no influence on one's ability to buy on margin? Does a stock price below 5 prevent many mutual funds from buying the stock?

        In my 27 years as a professional in this business, I can easily say that your understanding ranks among the most ignorant I have ever heard and that is saying alot.

        bite me

        bite me.

      • ALIM may have tanked, but my two best picks did ok. In fact one of them CBRX went up today. The other is EXEL. Stay away from both of them, especially EXEL. It does too much volume for you to comprehend and it has too much institutional interest for your puny mind.

        Try not to embarrass yourself any more with those insipid remarks about volume. If volume means nothing to you, then you are beyond hope.

        bite me.

      • You are the clueless one. All you concentrate on is the science, which by the way is flawed to date. You have no understanding of FDA evaluation process. Your eye is fixed on everything but what it should be on. You insipidly repeat your ignorance as to the importance of volume and price action. You are totally unaware of TA, support and resistance, moving averages,et al. Stop embarrassing yourself with these feckless remarks. I know what I am doing. You do not. If I am so ignorant, why is my return over 600% for the past year? Must be dumb luck.

        bite me.

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