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  • roomyb roomyb Mar 5, 2011 10:23 AM Flag


    Yes, things are looking better day by day. This was a stellar week. Let's examine the events and relish the joy in holding on to ALIM. We got a PAR from Europe for one thing. That is their version of a CRL. Too bad it doesn't sound as nice as the par you get on the golf course. It is more like a triple bogey. Your market price dropped a bit more. Did you notice that the price per share is down more than 20% for the past thirty days? No problem for those of you waiting for FDA to wave the golden hand over Illuvien. Speaking of FDA, the insurance staffer who is one of those whose fate you place yourselves now knows that the treatment will be priced somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per patient. That is quite a spread. Oh well, what is a few thousand here or there for the insurance industry? Not to worry, because FDA won't even have a chance to review the resubmission letter until some time in April. Your brilliant management team, who botched up the first submission is on par, excuse the use of that word again, to do it again. They can't even get it together enough to submit the letter at the earliest time frame possible.

    Yep, keep the faith.

    bite me.

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    • You understand nothing. Mutual funds that cover health care take positions in most of the microcaps as a matter of due course. Have you seen a single analyst raise the price target on this stock? No, you have not. The anemic low volume is not indicative of institutional love for the stock. It says you have money buried in a coffee can. Have you seen any hedge funds accumulating prior to your one in a hundred approval chances? No, you have not.

      The fact that you have no ammunition in your argument other than using foul language tells me you are a frustrated investor. You are going to lose even more money.

      Speaking of volume, you will see that number increase the day you get the final rejection from FDA. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that alternative cheaper treatments are on the market contrary to your belief that nothing else is available.

      Sorry to upset your little world. It is going to get worse.

      bite me.

    • Point is, it's not a rejection. The FDA wants more information.

      It's not are just a f---ing IDIOT!

      Also, it's not a "slim possibility" of approval. They met the trial endpoints, there are no other drugs on the market for this condition which causes BLINDNESS. This drug will be approved IMO.

      Again, you're a f---ing idiot!

      Volume means nothing. Institutional investors are NOT SELLING as I showed you on The stock is trading down on low volume meaning idiots like you are selling.

      Again, you're a f---ing idiot!

      They will re submit the application in a few weeks and the FDA will have 6 months to comment...not "any day" as you suggest.

      Again, you're a f---ing idiot!

      I rest my case.

    • How many times do we have to get into semantics? I am well aware that the CRL and the PAR are not permanent rejections. Nevertheless, it is a rejection of the data as submitted. Stop your silly arguing about the meaning of the word "rejection".

      You finally did say something that was true, but you missed the meaning. Yes, the company has nothing going for it but the slim possibility of approval and when that fails, the price will drop down to the cash level. Now you know why it is such a weak stock.

      You have stated many times that volume means nothing. The incredibly low amount of interest here speaks loud and clear what the market thinks about ALIM. The resubmission is not a significant event in terms of investor interest. Why? Because it is already known and built into the current price. Everyone is well aware of the time frame and guess what? They aren't impressed and they don't care. What event or news could drive the price upwards between now and the illusive approval date? The answer is nothing. Guess what? A total and final rejection could come any day without warning. Your stock price will be spinning around downward like Linda Blair's head in the Exorcist.

      Bite me.

      What happened to my challenge re: betting me?

    • Village idiot,

      For the record and to clarify , a CRL means that the FDA cannot approve the application as filed and that the applicant must address the FDA issues and re-file.

      Management of the company has indicated that the FDA wanted to see the 36 month data primarily to confirm that the cataract patients resumed their vision improvement after surgery...THEY DID.

      Management has indicated they intend to re file this month.

      The company has a market value of 200 MILLION PLUS. They only have this one drug. If the CRL were a rejection the company would be trading for cash value.

      The FDA approves drugs that received CRL's all the time. Look it up.

      Do you have a point in posting here? Just trying to talk others into your idiotic thinking on this? Is that it?

    • Again, you focus on semantics. A CRL is a form of rejection.

      You are a bit mistaken about my activity. I don't have any positions under $50,000. If you want to challenge my ability, would you consider betting $10,000 on my past 12 month performance vs. yours. I will gladly supply the proof. Put your money up or shut up.

      And, I don't own a single share of ALIM and I have no short positions or options. I haven't shorted a single stock in the past 12 months.

      bite me.

    • Village idiot,

      If a CRL was a rejection ALIM would now be trading for pennies. They really have nothing but this drug. As it stands ALIM has a 200 million plus market value and as far as I can tell, little to no institutional selling.

      The stock has sold off on small volume, it may sell off some more. Impossible to know. Especially since they will re-file within a few weeks and come back to the attention of institutions.

      When it goes up you can come back to the board and tell us how you own the stock and what a genius you are. Of course you own it, you own 200 shares just like all of your idiotic little day trading positions.

      This is because you cannot take a real investment position in a company and move in and out every time the wind changes direction.

      You are just a penny ante day trader and appear to know pretty much ZERO about the drug business and the FDA.

      Look for the FDA to approve this within 6 months.

    • Wrong on all counts. I am a professional in this business with over 27 years experience. I am up 630% for the past twelve months. I have extensive experience with health care stocks and FDA procedure. I have sources of information, opinion, research at my fingertips that you would wet your pants to have.

      You play a silly game with semantics. A CRL or a PAR is a form of rejection. Obviously, I am aware that a slight chance of approval may happen one day, but it is still a rejection. Allow me to use an analogy that you most likely experience in your own personal life. A man, much like you, hasn't had sexual relations with his wife for years. He doesn't see that as rejection because he hopes one day she will change her mind. You are that man. GET IT?

      Now bite me.

    • It was not a rejection. They asked for more information and for the NDA to be refiled.

      If you understood something about the process you would know that.

      You are a F---ing idiot though who looks at the stock price alone. Your investing will be limited to clipping a few pennies on momentum.

      As I pointed out before you are a penny ante loser probably with a govt pension and plenty of time to waste.

    • It is a rejection as of now no matter how you characterize it. How do you explain the PAR from Europe? Any day now you may get a final rejection rather than a temporary one. That must be very comforting to anyone holding the stock.

      Keep on calling me stupid. The funny aspect here is you are the one losing money. Who is the stupid one?

      bite me.

    • Village idiot...Here's something for you to contemplate with your short position:

      Remember that these institutions ( reporting at 12/31 had plenty of time to sell AFTER THE CRL.

      Guess what, looks like they were still accumulating.

      Low volume sell off that ALIM has experienced is not from institutions.

      It's people like you with about as much depth as a thimble.

      You are going to comment on my language and you end every statement with "bite me"?

      You truly are an amazing idiot.

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