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  • roomyb roomyb Mar 15, 2011 1:00 PM Flag


    Imagine what will happen to the price of ALIM if FDA decides to finally reject Illuvien. The stock will drop down to it's cash level in a matter of minutes.

    A resubmission letter is being prepared for FDA sometime next month. Once FDA receives it investors should be aware that notice could come any time out of the blue. Imagine the risk this imposes on your investment.

    Why not find another pharma health care stock that has been informed by FDA which date they will give their decision?

    If my reasoning is faulty, tell me where I have gone astray.

    bite me.

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    • So that's when you buy? When the analysts are raising their price targets?

      The analysts will be reiterating their buys and raising their targets when the drugs approval is a SLAM DUNK and the price is significantly higher.

      Your approach will always leave you confused and missing the boat or picking off some pennies on momentum.
      Better to understand the drug, the market, the scientist opinion, the management and why the FDA will either approve or disapprove.

      You seem to understand little of anything other than maybe what your momentum group is doing.

    • I never said that approval was "right around the corner". If I used those words, it was in relation to others who may think that is the case. I know it is months away.

      You acknowledge that analysts are not raising price targets. If they believe approval is just a matter of lining up their ducks, don't you think they would suggest buying? Wouldn't the mutual funds begin buying at these cut rate prices?

      I am so amused by your view of things. You are pleased with pitiful volume and hope for even lower prices. You don't view a CRL/PAR as a negative. Just a little bump in the road, I suppose.

      The best of all is your need to keep coming back at me. I can play this game as long as you wish. Keep it coming.

      bite me

    • So you have a crystal ball there and can tell me that the stock will go down? You think it will go down further if they re-file in a week or so and the market stabilizes?

      Who knows...apparently only you, your witch doctor or Swami told you the drug would not be approved and the stock would go down.

      I'm buying the stock because it will matter little if I paid $7 or $6 or $5 if the drug is approved.

      If you knew S--T about these companies you would know that trade for many multiples of gross volume. If approved a few bucks here or there will mean nothing.

    • You make no sense at all. You hold the stock and yet you want others to sell to make the price drop.

      Again you characterize us incorrectly. We are not momentum players. We are for the most part contrarian buyers.

      If I know nothing, how is it that I am paid to advise healthcare/life science companies? I must be quite good at fooling them for so many years.
      bite me

    • Approval is not "right around the corner" it is many months away. If you knew anything about PDUFA you would know that.

      You are just repeating something you heard..."don't buy this it might not get approved"....what a f-in dope.

      I can tell you these people you follow are nothing but momentum investors. They don't see momentum they like so they don't invest.

      I want there to be as little buying as possible. I want stupid people (such as yourself and your momentum group) to sell their stock. I want to buy it at $6 or $5 or $4 if possible.

    • That is correct. I personally did not do DD on this company, but others have. They seem to have reached a different conclusion on this stock that is quite opposite yours.

      Why do you suppose we are not seeing any accumulation by funds or anyone for that matter? Is it not reasonable to think that if approval is right around the corner, then we would see some upside volume? Are you the only one who is confident? How do you explain that fact? Why is there so little buying?

      I bet that must really bother you.

      bite me.

    • Village idiot,

      You never did any DD on ALIM. If you had or you were even able to understand the trial data you might have pointed out several other possible risk factors associated with FDA approval.

      There is plenty more risk here than low trading volume....the only thing you seem capable of understanding.

      I hope a hedge fund comes in and shorts it, it'll set up a great buying opportunity and I'll be there. Why don't take all this big money you speak of and put it where your mouth

    • I knew you couldn't resist answering me. Sorry to upset you, but once again you characterize me incorrectly. I don't have any positions that small and we are not doing any additional DD on ALIM. I know the company quite well already and have enough information to warrant avoidance.

      You on the other hand, are basing your investment on an event driven decision. If it is positive, you may come out ok, but if not.....look out below.

      Now, to once again explore your ridiculous claim that volume has no meaning. Allow me to pose this hypothetical situation. Let us assume that a hedge fund shared the same view as you do for approval of Illuvien. That entity could easily knock the price of ALIM down to even lower levels with just a relatively small amount of capital. They would then accumulate shares at the lower prices. Why do you suppose they are so ignorant of so obvious an opportunity. Mull that one over in your head for a while.

      bite me

    • Do you know a single thing about the drug this company is attempting to get approved? You seem to only know that they recieved a CRL and the stock is down. Dosen't that sum it up?

      I am buying stock right now, I'm confident this drug will get approved. You seem to lack confidence in your decision...isn't that why you go away when the stock is rising and then start posting your idiotic rants when it drops.

      "Dead money"? That's a 200 share day trader if I ever heard one. I don't give a S--T if it's dead until the FDA approves it. It'll just give me time to accumulate more.

      Hey, post some more messages about the stock being down a few cents or the fact that they recieved a CRL. Shows the depth of your DD.

    • I do not owe you any explanation as to why I post on this board. If you find my information so worthless, then why do you continuously comment on everything I write? If you believe so firmly in your stock, why should my contrary opinion upset you to the extent that it does? Perhaps you feel a bit insecure about your investment? I would if I were you and had to see my money deteriorate.

      As for my credentials, I can tell you that I have extensive DD contacts in the biotech/Pharma field. That includes fund managers, analysts, channel checks et al.

      The bottom line is that it really doesn't make a bit of difference what I know or who I am. Don't pay attention to any thing I say. It won't change a thing because in the end you are still holding a dead money stock. I can see that you are becoming more aware of this as time goes on because your attacks are getting more and more vicious. Your mental state is definitely in the denial state and moving into anger. You are a most predictable psychological mess right now in need of an outlet to vent your insecurity. I am glad to be able to help you in your time of need.

      bite me

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