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  • roomyb roomyb Mar 18, 2011 2:01 PM Flag


    For those of you with poor self images, stay with ALIM. If you want to make some money, do some DD on EXEL.

    bite me

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    • YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT? Take a look at the recent price action ROOMY! ALIM up and EXEL tanking.

    • YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT? Take a look at the recent price action ROOMY! ALIM up and EXEL tanking.

    • Nobody seems to be listening to you moron. I'll respond to keep it going.

      EXCEL? Might end up being ok but way too far off and way too hyped up by investment banks. I predict eventually a selloff which will cause you to lose your nerve and sell your stock. You will then miss any gains that might come much later as a result of their success.

      You ALIM

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      • You don't understand the time frame for investment in life science/pharma stocks. This stock will most likely make a huge run in June when the next abstract is made available. You think the event that drives the stock is final FDA approval. Haven't I taught you anything? The money is made on the run up and the accumulation phase. This stock is about to take off. I will help you here. Wait until this choppy market is over to buy in. It could trade as high as 13, but could go to 7 in this atmosphere. Give it a while and then buy. You will be begging me for forgiveness.

        Do you know anyone who would help you out like this after the words you have called me?

        bite me.

      • Where do you come up with these statements? This stock is not being hyped by anyone. It has shown remarkable results and is under close scrutiny by many of the big boys. Fidelity bought 5 million shares in the past few months. Do you think they would commit so much without solid DD? This stock has been the subject of numerous news stories. The cancer docs. are all over it. I predict you will watch the train leave the station as this stock rises and you will be left with nothing but regrets and a tax loss from ALIM.

        Your comments and perspective is beyond my comprehension. You are presented with one of the best performing stocks of the year and you ridicule it and then compare it to your dismal ALIM. Are you serious?

        bite me.

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