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  • medxwatch medxwatch Nov 19, 2011 9:12 AM Flag

    Europe will Approve Drug * Need Revenue and Jobs Now :

    Europe already facing a weak economy next year will in itself will encourage the approval of the drug and won't go against recommendations to approve as the fundamentally broken FDA has done.Unlike the U.S. Europe cares more about their people and would rather approve a drug than see Thousands go blind if they didn't approve and have to put these patients on Disability which costs the Government many Billions in the United States.They will understand the "Worst" side effect is Blindness if left untreated by this proven medical new golden standard drug instead of Laser treatment which is baically ineffective and is 25 years old.They also realize if they ever had many complaints they always have the option to issue a black box warning if they ever recieve compliants.The U.S. also should of taken this approach but are entangled in corruption at the FDA as many already are aware.This will be approved and could be early need year.

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    • Europe doesn't care more about it's people than the US, Not true. Who fed you that line. The US has the finest doctors in the world and everybody knows it. They're pulling teeth out at home with pliers in the UK because of their sorry health care system has such a long waiting list to be seen by doctors. Relax, the US is going in the same direction if we support Obama

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      • Doctors don't pull teeth, dentists are mixing metaphors , a common sign of a lack of intelligence and wit.

        English, French and other European doctors -like Canadians- are as good of doctors as Americans. If you look closely, many doctors in the US are in fact foreigners.

        America is adopting a public goods analysis of medical care like other leading Western nations because your country doesn't know how to tax or spend. So medical care will be rationed like everywhere else.

        Perhaps if you left the city limits of Nashville once in your life, you would not be so ignorant to express the views that you do.

      • I was refering that Europe approves drugs that the FDA has not approved.The U.S. does have superior medical care but the physicians can only be as good as the drug they are prescribing their patients manageing their diseases such as diabetes,and this is true in Europe as they need superior medications to treat these medical conditions.Just as Partnership talks are ongoing at Alimera I do see a future for Iluvien in the U.S. if it's either a joint venture now or they decide to just sell the technology to another company who has the ways and means to get the drug approved that has more than the $38M this company has in cash.I'am sure we will be hearing news on their decision.After all most of the scientific work has already been finished and costs of over $100 Million invested in this drug.

    • If Europe "cares about people" more than Americans, I wonder why they allow their socialist governments to spend themselves into oblivion? What kind of caring pays no attention to leaving astronomical amounts of debt to future generations? Is six weeks of guaranteed paid vacation time your idea of caring? That is only a tiny example of European values.
      Our country shows it's concern (or at least used to ) by limiting the size of government thus creating more liberty for it's citizens. We encourage individual achievement and investment. We favor wealth creation and do not attack those who have become millionaires and are responsible for paying huge amounts of taxes and creating jobs. If you are a democrat, you probably don't understand these American values so go back to sleep.

      Now, to get back on track re: approval of Illuvien in caring Europe. Forget it. They have to ration health care and the current problems they face deflect their attention away from expensive delivery systems, especially when cheaper alternatives exist.

      One other point to consider: ALIM has krapp management. The stock is thinly traded and below margin. Institutional interest will disappear, if there was much to begin with. It is a technical disaster and a fundamental disaster. Their cash position is weak to say the least.

      Bottom line: It is dead money. It is over. Get a new stock.

      bite me

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      • Your statement about rationing healthcare is about as silly as the company's weak cash position you stated which is $38.6 Million at this point,which is far from weak.Another issue you should be concerned about is a drug from another company was approved by the FDA for another eye disease that had a higher percentage rate of the very same issue the FDA was concerned about with the drug Illuvien,but decided to rule against Alimera which is totally irresponsble behavior from this administration.I as others are very interested in how the FDA is going to answer these questions in the FDA meeting coming up and we believe they made a major mistake by not approving this drug,but Europe will not be swayed in their decision to approve the drug when the risks were better than a similar drug treating an eye disease based on clinical results and they got approved.If you want we can continue to talk about Disability payments for patients that go blind because of no FDA approved treatment in the last 25 years and using old technology.Physicians are also very upset in this decision.

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