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  • taw4420 taw4420 Jan 16, 2014 5:07 PM Flag

    FDA is corrupt, and manipulated this stock

    They basically said they were not going to approve this drug. Stock went down to 2.50. Then all of a sudden they say "we changed our mind". I'm sure several FDA beauracrats made some coin on this one.

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    • They do know where their bread is buttered. When the gov't shutdown occurred a backlog was created. Recall that the decision was delayed because the FDA folks weren't working. When there is a backlog the most important items get shuffled to the front when you return to work. 'Most important' meaning those things that have a huge price associated with them (political, economic, on-going relationships, etc). PSDV and ALIM got caught in the shuffle and the FDA had to make a quick decision, so they shot them down. Of course, they looked like idiots with the British, Germans, Spanish, French et al already approving the drug. So the pivot. Hey, it happens. If you want to blame anyone I recommend starting with the tea party crackpots who stupidly thought they could accomplish with their methods what no one else wanted to accomplish.

    • I think you might be right on this one.

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