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  • mattoruu mattoruu Feb 16, 2010 1:58 AM Flag

    Identifying Stock Bashers. The How To Guide.

    Nice post, new guy (or gal). I remember reading something similar on another message board. Stock Basher's Handbook or something like that. I think most people here know what's going on, but it can't hurt to remind people just who these bashers are and what they do.

    And, yep, as the fifth bullet point of yours mentions, you have to watch out for those bashers with multiple accounts, pretending to have conversations with their other alias accounts.

    Last week I exposed altairas2, who was bashing this stock while posting under two other account names; pammccallum and indiandesinri10. Since I exposed him, he has since stopped posting using all three of those usernames. And just now we were graced with the appearance of another basher with multiple accounts, pretending to be two different people (rip_mcbootie and investrforevereach).