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  • iwav2u iwav2u Jan 5, 2003 12:27 PM Flag

    Just got reverse split letter

    Confused -
    Didn't IWAV claim that there was a shortage of shares this past fall, that required additional shares to be issued?
    If so, how could IWAV afford a reverse stock split that would result in even less shares than before?
    If reverse stock split were approved, would IWAV apply for additional shares again?
    Why does this look like a big screw to me?

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    • Almost forgot... let's add two more items for the game:

      5. Short interest in IWAV as of Jan 15 2003 (that would be PRIOR to the special meeting)
      6. Short interest in IWAV as of Feb 15 2003 (after any split - IF it will take place)

      Last reported short interest for Dec 15 2002 was only 400 share, big drop from 7.7K shares a month prior, which in turn was big increase from 200 short shares for the month of October (when that article regarding KPMG finding brought price down after October 1, 2002)

      Short interest could be checked here:

      Any additions or alterations for our fun game are welcome of course :-)


    • "...Yuri,

      It doesn't matter as long as we all start the new game. I believe the pricing game will help settling down all argument in this board. A monthly closing of six-month game starting from Jan 31, 2003 will be good enough to keep tracking the performance of IWAV after reverse split.

      Is it OK to you? ..."

      Well... in that case it is OK to me... afterall I don't mind to perform a little "house keeping duty" here for your proposed game when I have free time of course... besides we already agree that message boards in general should be used for fun as well, so... I guess this new game won't hurt :-)

      And looks like you already have the first contestant for it - mikeshep99 made his pick according to this post:
      ... If there will be more than 3 persons who wish to participate, then I'll try to put those entries in more organized form, however you have to clearly identify the rules (if any)...

      Meanwhile here is another possible fun game for you: Let's guess on 4 things (in case there will be a reverse split):
      1. Reverse split ratio (proposed between 5:1 and 15:1);
      2. Effective date
      3. Closing price of the stock on the 3-rd (third) trading day after split
      4. Closing price of the stock on the 10-th (tenth) trading day after split

      Again, the above is for fun and fun only, so any seriouse IWAV investors should not bother playing :-)

      Best regards and good luck to all,

    • finally some logic..

      like i have stated before and will state everyday,do not assume that after the reverse split things will be the same,they never are..

      best time to buy this is after reverse split has taken affect and the stock has lost it's momemtum and falls back to earth..

      vader had a good point what's wrong with the small cap market and the otc,unless the whole purpose is to wipe out the common shareholder which is something i have assumed for years..imho..

      the ones that are speculating here,are just gamblers,be smart and stay away until the smoke has cleared,plenty of time to buy and sell,but i would sell everything now and take the loss becasue it could be worthless by months end..imho!!

    • Here goes, assuming no buyout or chapter 11.

      Lets also assume price is adjusted according to split. 1 to 10 @ 20cents is 2 bucks.

      Feb 1st 17 cents or $1.70 after split
      March 1st 9 cents
      April 1st 8 cents
      May 1st 8 cents
      June 1st 4 cents
      July 1st 2 cents @ 1 to 10 split 2 cents is 20 cents

      In other words IWAV will trade for the same price as today 6 months from now only your holdings will be 1 tenth.

    • "Thanks for an invitation, but last year game was not my original idea... "


      It doesn't matter as long as we all start the new game. I believe the pricing game will help settling down all argument in this board. A monthly closing of six-month game starting from Jan 31, 2003 will be good enough to keep tracking the performance of IWAV after reverse split.

      Is it OK to you?

    • post by sammy :-)

      Well, I didn't realize it but after posting previouse message just came accross another post by sammy (again dated back on July 25) with in fact year-end price prediction... He didn't participate in our year end game, thought BUT his year-end price came out ONLY 1 RED PENNY LESS then actual closing on Dec 31 and he did it over long term of 5-6 months:

      "...Re: Now might be a good timeby:
      sammy3612002 07/25/02 02:54 pm
      Msg: 19700 of 20248

      this pos is done for the year..this will be at 20 cents by years end,then it will be time to buy until then you dreamers can just dream in technicolour!!

      Posted as a reply to:
      Msg 19699 by ihadiwav ..."


      Well, he also promissed that he leave when IWAV hit $.20 (
      ) but he is still here as well as some hypsters (who played this one for a long time)... actually the more opinions - the better, everyone has a right to have one ... opinion that is :-)

      Best regards,

    • "...Yuri,

      It looks like you should organize another game to speculate the monthly closing price of IWAV after the reverse split. It will help settling down all the argument. I suggest to ask all interested message posters to guess what will be the closing price of IWAV for each of six months after reverse split.

      Would you acknowledge this invitation? ..."


      Thanks for an invitation, but last year game was not my original idea... just to refresh your memory, that was Casey, who set it up with his first entry of $.55 for the year end in post #22584 (use this link and look at the post with little red arrow on the left
      )... I've decided to take his challenge and have fun as well playing predictions with my entry of $.18 (post #22619) ... again both our entries came 3 weeks prior of the final day and as we know, stock ended closer to mike pick (only 3 cents higher right at georgegrin prediction in message #22791, but he made his pick only 4 days before game end)... I guess, my efforts only went into organizing and putting things together in one list which also had been awailable for MYD club members (again for fun and convenience
      But in any case, I'm not the only one here with realistic visions and unbiased look at things... not at all. And since you mentioned 6 months time frame, I really would like you (and others as well) to use this board as small time machine and get back to the past for about 6 months ago and take a look at this post by sammy3612002 ... I came accross it when searching through my "archives" but I really find it worth looking now (even thought many here view him as basher typing in caps... I admit that I also going suspiciouse when the whole post is in caps, but I have to admit as well that despite all bad language and name calling, his point was right on the money back 6 month ago and still actual today...
      Here is a link to that post:

      BTW, there was a huge, very huge debate here about upcoming POSSIBLE (OR NOT) RS, with some usual confusions and good explanations as well... I guess I'll just drop my 2C in that regard in the next post...

      Best regards,

    • from my conversations with UTSI IR they seem pretty happy with their investment. these other companies are poorly managed by comparison and have many such investments. UTSI have very few and are better managed and therefore im sure they knew exactly what they were buying - oh but thats right Enron failed didn't they!

    • hocus pocus speculative garbage and shallowly marked bashing - yeah like its a conspiracy and they are all going to get rich on their (which will be then) worthless options - remember the company has to actually be worth a certain price for them to be cashed in - most of what you say once more is fairy land stuff -

    • point one is an unsubstantiated generalisation, point 2 doesn't even make sense (please clarify further) and with point three once again please quote and provide reference. if you believe you know why UTSI made this investment slso please state and reference why and where from you know this. my information is from UTSI direct and simply has to do with where the products fit in. i sincerely doubt that 1 - you have copies of the board minutes or 2 - that they would reveal anything about UTSI's strategy for using IWAV products. please front up -

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