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  • milbergerandviess milbergerandviess Nov 3, 2004 5:10 PM Flag

    They better explain things clearly Thur

    <<Subj: They better explain things clearly Thur
    By: cbr954wrecker
    Date: 10/06/04 08:09 pm

    What will this press conference explain or do for the people who only own POCC? >>


    I listened to the POCC conference call.
    Afterwards, I spoke to the Company Auditor.

    If you only own the POCC stock.
    POCC owns the contracts with PEMEX and EXXON
    Penn Octane is the only LPG pipeline selling LPG into Mexico.
    The way things are right now, no one can else can negotiate a contract with PEMEX.
    Plus, I have found out when they originally built the Pipeline from USA to Mex, they actually built TWO Pipelines.
    The auditor mentioned that during construction someone in the company realized that they could build two pipelines together for almost the same price as one pipeline.
    So POCC has a second pipeline that they are interested in perhaps selling Gasoline to the Mexicans.
    In other words, there is room for expansion.


    Anything else you need to know?

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    • Your an energy junkie! I skimmed your posts on all the other energy stocks. Talk about cutting and pasting some long stupid garbage for people! I do not want your advice, and I will not ask for your advice in the future. If you see my posts feel free to respond, but I will completely disregard your bullshit. Stick to the other boards you post on and good luck trying to influence others in the future. I now know you are an even bigger asshole than I ever imagined.

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      • Guess What?
        I don't just Cut and Paste.
        I also do financial analysis of the companies.
        Like all the research before I make the decisions on buying, selling and holding.
        Using mathematical models to gain insight of the structure of the business models.
        For some reason studying energy companies are easier.


        Since I am such an asshole, I am going to tell you why I am buying and since I am such a big asshole please do not buy the stock or read this.



        -Operates a 132 mil pipeline that brings Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) into Mexico.
        -Revenue growth averaging 39% per year over the past Five years.
        -Great Balance sheet: Only $0.17 of debt for every dollar of shareholder equity.
        -POCC's services 1 out of evry 8 LPG distributors in Mexico.
        -Earnings in the fiscal 3rd quarter grew by 100% over the same period a year ago.

        The stock trades at a discount to its peers, at price to earnings ratio of 15 and Price to Sales of 3.4, compared to the average
        pipeline company's P/E of nearly 20 and
        P/S of 7.6.

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