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  • duquesne23 duquesne23 Dec 18, 2006 2:38 PM Flag

    C'mon guys

    Jbacci does offer exceptional insight and analyses on the market. I really enjoy reading his posts (and others)on this message board. But c'mon guys, stop kissing his ass!

    Carl wouldn't put up with that. I know...I've lived next door to him for 14 years!

    Happy Holidays, good luck to y'all, and go IIVI!

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    • Thanks for your post, Dave. I assume that you were replying to someone named "ubiquity"...I've put him on ignore, so I no longer see his posts. If that is who that was, I apologize. Yes, he has indeed turned out to be a stalker of major significance. At one point we got into it a bit on the Sears board. To shut him up I offered to show him my brokerage statement to prove to him that is was indeed possible to make money on a stock by selling calls, (not shorting), when a stock is going up. My strategy with SHLD is working beautifully, as there are several trends with the options pricing that allow you to sop premium off of the calls almost at will. I offered to show this individual how it works. Apparently he wasn't interested...I've been netting a consistent 2-3K per month on the stock by massaging the absurd option premium. As an example, I sold the Feb 180's on Friday on the speculative run to $180 during last week, (the pre-expiration run); I got $5.5 per contract. On Monday, hangover day, I bought them back at $4.2. A nice move on a stock with an (inexplicable) upward trend. There are other stocks like this, trading on sheer exuberance, and on which you can clean chips off the speculator's table at will. For every investor who is convinced that a stock like SHLD is going to $250 by yearend, there is more profit to be had. I'm sure that there are people alot smarter than me playing this hand.

      Anyway, sorry for the off-topic post, and I'll not bring it up again. Unlike most others, I don't post using an alias...funny how emboldened stalkers get under the umbrella of anonymity, isn't it?

      BTW, nice report, about what I expected. I think that the numbers will firm the stock up where it is and allow it to drift into the low 30's if the overall macro environment cooperates. This company is the king of sustained growth and market share consolidation. They almost bore you with the consistent execution. It's like watching a guy hit thirty straight free throws, they do what they should do, but they do it all the time.

      You don't need to defend me against stalkers such as this one...I'm hoping that he just slithers away at some point, (though I'm afriad this post may bring him back again). Thanks again, and congrats on yet another nice report.

    • Hey - if it looks like a stalker, sounds like a stalker, smells like a stalker??

      I've never seen you post here before.

      Or perhaps you did and it was just as worthless as this post.

      Certainly you have a more constructive use of your time than following someone around message boards just to be a pest.

      If not, my condolences.

    • Thank you. I appreciate it, but I am getting kind of wiggy about all this. There have been alot of good posts on this board. I've gotten luckier than most with respect to this stock, but if you think I'm some sort of a guru, check in with some of the boneheads over on the Sears Holdings board; they don't like me much over there at all... :). So much so that I had to change my e-mail address !!

      Have a great holiday all!

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