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  • davebugs davebugs Jun 29, 2010 1:33 PM Flag

    Added a few trading shares

    Today at 31.53, now have an order in a buck lower.

    Also added RSTI and INTC trading shares.

    These buys were to replace stock sold at higher prices.

    Market is still scary. Political situation(and virtually all of their policies) is still scary. Nothing good for the market at all.

    Still a new seller. It's scary out there.

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    • Wow.

      I'll have to get back to these political responses when I have some time to kill.

      But just let me say that we'll have to agree to disagree.

      I have a sell order in for some shares at 37.53 for some trading shares purchased on 6/29/20 in 2 lots one at 31.51, one at 30.35.

      Gotta take 20% in jsut over a month. Besides IIVI is back over 10% of my portfolio.

      I hope to read the call tonight.

      I may make some similar trades selling RSTI where I have about half of the $ invested that I have in IIVI and always think of RSTI as more of a trade.

      In IIVI we could easily have a pullback before a potential run into the annual meeting. Summer, politics, economy, etc.

    • Also, he DID propose several tax cuts and credits to help the economy, both in the stimulus and the 2011 budget. A quick summary of the budget proposal's tax changes is here:


      Among other changes, he would eliminate capital gains tax on small business stock, Also, the president's budget assumes all the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts will be made permanent for everyone making less than $200,000 ($250,000 for couples), which is the majority of American households. That means, among other things, that today's rates on income tax, capital gains and dividends would remain the same (they're all scheduled to increase; the Bush 10 year sunset was designed to mask his long term deficit projections.) There are also tax credits for hiring - lots of stuff that are, again, very far from socialist.

    • Hi, davebugs. I think the news will be very good - in general well-run companies have been taking advantage of the recovery to boost profits and the durable goods sector has been going great worldwide, which is where II-VI cashes in.

      Of course, half the time II-VI has dropped on good news, but usually after a buildup on the way, so who knows what the stock will do. Plus the overall market is twitchy.

      As for the folks in Washington - the folks who call this pragmatic center-left administration a radical ideological socialist bunch are the same ones who cheered on the ideologically driven spending and corruption of the last decade. More to the point, it's hard to find ANYTHING that this administration has either said, done or proposed that could be called "socialist" by any informed person. (That's not to say you can't find lots of false claims on Fox about what they've said, done and proposed - but these edited sound clips and wildly distorted policy descriptions never bear out when you look at them outside the Fox propaganda bubble.)

      Here's a quick example: The "socialist" label really got traction after Hannity edited the "Joe the Plumber" answer to a part of one sentence, and the "share the wealth, Joe" video got shown hundreds if not thousands of time on that network, with the repeated claim that this was Obama's answer to someone complaining about high taxes.

      In the full five minute forty second answer, however, Obama mentions his proposal to eliminate capital gains for small business so Joe's total taxes would probably not increase, that the proposed additional taxes on marginal income above $250,000 would finance extending the tax breaks on a much larger population that would help small businesses by driving the economy, and makes several pro-business points that are anything but socialist. You might say he's lying, but based on what? Hannity and the rest said he was telling the truth - but only when showing an extremely trimmed part of a single sentence that didn't correspond to what he was saying. You can view the entire exchange here (if you're in a hurry, skip to 4:25 and watch the last minute, where the propaganda clip was extracted from.)


      Similar nonsense has played out over the health care bill, where a system developed by the American Enterprise Institute, proposed as a free-market alternative to the Clinton bill by Dole's Senate, and praised by Fox and AEI when pushed by Romney, suddenly is "Socialist" when adopted by Obama according to the same partisan hacks. (AEI has been frantically editing their website to deny their own history, but cached versions are easy to find. Slate has an excellent overview of this story.)

      My point: You should do the same due diligence on the anti-Obama propaganda that you do on company revenue claims. Anyone who calls Obama and his administration "socialist" is either selling you a bill of goods (for their own agenda) or has no clue what the word means.

    • Actually I only sold 1/3 of that recent lot that I had bought at 30.25.

      I have an order in to sell another third at 34.72 good for the day.

      ER 8/2. I've got lots of older shares with an average around 30. So I'm set if good news. If any perceived bad news I'll be glad I dumped more trading shares. Flipping them quickly for a decent short term gain.

    • Sold them today at 31.65.

      Non-taxable account.

      I do have long shares that I hold.

      But I could get used to this. A buck every few days with no tax issues.

      Someday I won't get to buy them. Oh well.

      Been nibbling on RSTI as well.

    • Bought them back today at 30.25.

    • To some degree. But that's when the market or economy are the only problem. You need to buy the whole way down.

      But I truely believe we have clueless folks elected to high offices. And nothing but very left agenda's. At times I think they actually think the gov't can actually employ everyone. Not having ANYONE who has actually run a business associated with the white house lets them continue to remain clueless. Lets face it - they aren't pandering to folks with jobs so I guess it makes sense.

      That is what is different this time. Taxes(work, risk and investment no longer rewarded nearly as much), regulation, and basically a socialist aganda. No wonder companies are hoarding cash rather than deploying it. And they wonder why unemployment isn't improving and keep coming out with gov't programs (running up the deficit) rather than cutting lets say capital gains, increasing depreciation for capital expenditures, etc to have the private sector create real jobs.

      I believe it's different this time. And not good at all. Still have a larger cash position that I have in all the years I've been investing. I was all the way up to 33%, not setting at just over 20%. Usually I'm 2-7% in cash.

      So in this case my opinion is that politics is having a severe negative effect on anyone that produces, invests, etc. These political decisions effect the economy, markets and thus my investing.

      The "buy gold, bulletts and canned goods" folks are looking less and less crazy. I'm afraid the country's prospects have been dimmed by the folks currently in office. Perhaps there will be better choices this time around. And the current admin has left little wiggle room to mis-represent their agenda.

      As usual - pray for gridlock. The gov't isn't your friend.

    • I almost bought yesterday as well. I'm nervous about mkt as well, but isn't that when gains come?

    • Dave,

      Good to hear from you. I've been tempted to try some trading, but we just went below the 200 dma. This chart does not look good. Now I'm more of a fundamentalist, but look at the charts for help in getting in & out. I've ben all out for a month.

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