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  • davebugs davebugs Sep 12, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    Hey - another aquisition - laser/semiconductor slant

    Link on Yahoo.

    I don't understand why they paid so much for an option to buy other parts of the company that expires in 30 days - perhaps need to get more financing approved?

    Wonder how interesting the call will be?

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    • Stocks acting as expected - unfortunatley.

      A question NOT asked on the call was with this 5mil/30 day with regards to other segments. WHy not make it all one deal now? Why risk loosing the 5 mil?

      Gotta rearrange/additional financing for the other parts?

      I'd like to tie mgmt's stock options to NOT making purchases for a year or so personally. There will ALWAYS be attractive aquisitions. IIVI is getting away from their historically stellar financial practices.

      I'm afraid their quest for diversification in product lines and geography at the risk of profitability and financial standing could use a vacation.

      Either that or I'd like to get a job on their acquisiton team - seems like a permanent job doing what I'd prefer to think of as temporary work(each aquisition).

      Yes I realize currently money is cheap.

      Yes I realize IIVI's financials still aren't bad.

      Yes I realize still a lot of insider ownership - even as Carl sells some off - wouldn't you?

      Stocks acting as expected.

      Anyone else have some thoughts?

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