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  • tonasket75 tonasket75 Jan 12, 2012 12:10 AM Flag

    see you at 10+

    pieces falling into place, P/B less than 1, short interest declining, head and shoulders pattern, not a fast mover, but I see an easy 10+ for the patient. Am loading up some more here. And being patient. Forget the noise, see about 35% upside from 12-24 months...good luck all

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    • csgbar dork

    • cgbsar,

      You are clearly taking "Dorkdom" to a whole new high.....Good on

    • csgbar Dork

    • Sparky, just another foolish, meaningless, childlike response from an obviously unstable individual. Your not wasting my time at all, though, as I've decided to treat you as a 'hardship' case until you convince yourself to seek help for your megalomania.

    • scsbgar DORK!!! I waste so much of your time LOL. $9.00

    • Sparky, since you want to get serious about it, let's get serious. Since you seem to have the attention span of a gnat, I can only hope that you will read this post in it's entirety and heed it's advise.

      When I first started reading your posts 6 months ago, I just thought you were a pompous narcissistic nut case and an uneducated 80 pound mouth connected to a 40 pound body that needed to be brought down a notch or two,. A few days ago, though, Foxy pegged you as a "wannabe megalomaniac" and, after thinking about that, I found his analysis to be absolutely correct, with one exception, the "wannabe" part. In fact, you are the 'real deal'...........a real teenage megalomaniac that, in some manner, needs to be brought back into reality.

      A few of the symptoms of megalomaniacs are that they suffer with delusions of great wealth, omnipotence, and infallibility. In your case, the 'delusion of great wealth' symptom explains why, in September, on another board you represented yourself as wealthy retired market mogul who made his fortune from dividend and interest producing stocks and bonds, while on this board, you represented yourself to me as a wealthy retired entrepreneur who sold his business for a great deal of money, bought apparently distressed real estate and now lives off of the rental income. Except in your own diseased mind, you can't have it both ways. You have to be one or the other, or, as I suspect, neither. Your obviously youthful vocabulary in your mostly irrational and often unreadable replies give you away. There is no way that you are even close to being old enough to have achieved any of your imagined grandiose accomplishments.

      The delusion of "omnipotence" in your imaginary world allows you to have the feelings of great importance, power and 'godliness' that you so desperately need by 'creating' the imaginary, subservient beings that you choose to call "followers". With all due respect to an obviously sick mind, they 'ain't' there, Bubba, and, by any rational standards, they never will be there.

      The delusion of "infallibility" is why you can't seem to handle any type of rejection or questioning of your perceived abilities to see into the future, such as your "$9.00" prediction. To you it's not a prediction, it's a 'life and death' episode because your delusion won't tolerate even the possibility of you being wrong, even though, whether the stock gets to "$9.00 by the end of March" or not is relatively unimportant.

      Though I've somewhat enjoyed our 'exchange of ideas' during the past week, I have had some regrets, primarily because of your young age and your illness, about 'picking' on a completely defenseless individual. I can only hope that in the near future you will stand in front of a mirror, take a good look at yourself, admit to yourself that you have a very serious problem, and then make a promise to yourself that you will seek professional help before your illness manifests itself further and you become a danger to yourself and possibly others.

    • Sparky,

      Also known as fishboy dave if you are so superior what are you doing wasting your time dealing with a bunch of "dorks" on a Yahoo message board?

      I figured one of your superiority would be leading your "Followers" in

    • csgbar Dork!!! Do you really think that somebody with a superior mind would ever answer any of your questions? If you really need help with your stocks use churchill Management group. That's one of my managers. They will help you as long as you have $300,000.00 to begin with in the account. You need some help with money, being gay, being to stupid to not know you are stupid, and last but not least knowing that no mater what comes out of your pie hole you will never be as cool as me. I thought for a while foggiecat was the worst poster here (not true) you are. To all of my followers dtime called for $9.00 before the end of March. This stock has gone down for at least a year and a half and I called the bottom and now the beginning of a long run.

    • Thanks for putting me back on the 'dork' list, Cupcake. I feel much safer there than I would have in the middle of your scurrying "followers" as they deserted you. Just out of curiosity, though, since all of your "followers" are gone because of your total inability to do simple financial analysis, how in the world can you expect anyone to believe your advise again? They all told me that now they think of you as being totally incompetent and unreliable. But then what do they know? After all, they're just 'lesser beings' and have no idea how infallible the "Oracle of Oz" really is. Right?

      Now that your "followers" are gone, though, that just leaves you with all of us 'dorks' to monitor your every thought and every word. I feel absolutely sure that's going to be a very enjoyable experience for you, though. Have a nice evening there, Sparky, and remember that Saturday isn't a school day, so you can sleep in.

    • poor stock broker dork csbgar

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