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  • Canucks Canucks May 8, 2012 9:17 PM Flag

    Whyare insiders buying TC?

    Keep in mind, the CEO purchased $100,000 in shares. That is like, 1/20th of his annual salary/bonuses. That would be like someone making $60,000 buying $3,000 worth of shares. It is chump change. And all directors bought on the same day. It was likely a board room initiative. The CEO needs to buy like $500,000 worth of shares right now. The fact that they aren't buying now is the most worrisome. Why wouldn't they buy at these low prices if they are so confident in the company's direction? It would be like easy money to them.

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    • Insiders are precluded from trading when there is material non public information at play and when there is a material event. Their trading window should open soon, within a couple of days from now. That will be the tell... However, now that the offerings are priced and done, the shorts will begin to cover against the stock and fixed income securities.

    • They will just give themselves shares or some cash bonuses out of the 400+ million they just raised. Who needs to buy shares when you can just steal from the shareholders. They will reward themselves for working so hard to arrange the most recent financing.

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