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  • retaoba retaoba May 9, 2012 10:51 AM Flag

    for my followers.

    Seriously. I know some of you are not day traders. di no ever hear of buy low and sell high? If you can time the market great! I have tried, and do not do well enough to have followers. So I buy undervalued companies and wait for the market to recognize them. This falls into that catagory. It is NOT a spec stock. (TGB, which I also own, IS a pure spec play at this point, and I know that and am OK with it.)
    I also own plenty of stocks that are NOT spec plays, like TC. Just to name a couple, TAC and PSX. Both have short term issues but both are very undervalued right now. Also looking at TEF. There is some risk due to the exposure to the that crazy women in Argentina right now, but that stock looks very interesting long term.

    Point is, even though fundamentals have changed with this new cash infusion / equity dilution (that probably shouldn't have occurred at all, that's another post) TC is now a safer investment because of that. Less short term upside, less long term downside. So it's a base hit double instead of a home run at these levels. If you want to try and catch $2.95, good luck. Hope you can do it. Just remember this old market maxim, bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered....

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    • ahhh so if you pig out and buy a lot of shares here you will get slaughtered?
      guess I am an oinker.

    • Pigs is when you get greedy and dont sell. Its comes from a term in craps. It means you dont pull your money off after you win a bet. That is why you need a stop loss order in. Now that the stock is low it is not a bad decission to buy at these prices. Will the stock hit $2.95? ( probably not). That is why I am going to be buying soon. TC is a value play period. Will the stock hit $9.00 by January 1st 2013 ( probably yes)