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  • falsify321 falsify321 Nov 10, 2012 1:03 AM Flag

    Hey Foggie

    caeppi wheres ur 20% loss ? its held support for what a week in down markets its time to move on to the next resisitance . idc if u think this stock is going to 2 or 1.50. its definatly going to try for 3.80 again. build a support in that zone and move on to the 200dma . nothing is a 100% in the market but theres a high probablility of it going to test those levels especially after today. u dont have anything left to say so u pick on one share holders guesstimate of a 20% thats very childish. when did u start to short this stock anyways? im long @2.66 .
    ps sry or extensive post jsut drunk and rambling ..

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    • @ falsify:
      1. No position = no loss.
      2. Not saying it goes down to 1.5 or 2, would rather agree on what you say atm wrt next steps.
      3. The fact that some users on this board keeps posting ridiculous gains per day or target share prices make (1) me smile and (2) post a reply. Just think its funy if some users post figures without giving any (factual/good) reason/explanation. Your post are a bit different (cf #2)
      4. A 20% gain on these numbers and this outlock stated in the CC is a joke.
      5. Just thinking that TC mgmt does a heck of a job to look unprofessional (delays, cost overrun, communication, qtly numbers). At least to me.
      6. Cheers on being drunk

      @ those being on a educational mission wrt spelling&grammer: there are spelling mistakes in my post, i know it. tell me about it.

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      • i agree that mgmt is awful i think the people at the company agree to lol. and the 20% thing was just people getting exicted over ok news because they expected the worse. dont quote me on this but to me it looks like this stock will test high 2.70s.then it will HAVE to break through range which had an open of 3.17 closed at 2.96 couldnt close above it . once it breaks threw that range id expect a bigger jump. the current pattern looks like #$%$ tho a bullish engulf folowed by long legged doji off a uptrend spells trouble. might sell and buy back have to see how she opens..

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