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  • blakeeric619 blakeeric619 Nov 15, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    Look At the Ws

    I am encouraged by the chart on this stock. Lots and lots of W's (double bottoms) with slow progression upward. This definitely shows market interest and longward drive up. Hard to fight the technicals. A nice look at the chart combined with supportive Financial Statements ... additional coverage by analysts (including upgrades)... and encouraging news from the executive board members.. all point to a very nice upward trend. I took another nibble today for another 1000 at $3. In the market turmoil at the moment, we will see continuous W's on our return back above $5. As soon as we pass $5, the small-cap mutual funds will rapidly increase this stock price (Several small cap mutual fund limits are $5 and above for institutional investing). I am encouraged by the chart .. and I hope you are too.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • i agree good stock to own. what scares me though is... like 70,000 puts for the dec options..... and 25 million shorts. And no short seem scared and no put close. almost liek they are playing this market and just laughin, maybe letting it go up to $3 so they can short it then knock it down to $2... i dont trust market sometimes

      but then u see Duetche -bank has 5 million shares and kevin dooglas has 8 million shares these big players arent messin around. insider buyin too and i think shorts are just maybe takin big risks since it dropped so much they got little to lse