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  • dtimepalm dtimepalm Nov 30, 2012 6:12 PM Flag

    Tc upgrade.

    I'm not joking here, Although I have fun pulling the longs chain. For my followers here's what you should be thinking about for tc!!! Inflation, huh? For those of you who don't believe costs are rising, ask someone who has to fund their family's food, college,clothing, and shelter costs. My daughters college cost are increasing and for the majority at a public university the cost exceed $30,000.00 per year.

    Deficit spending, quantitative easing, and "printing of money*" are all causing an effect building up behind a paper dam. Because Congress is not willing to fight the big battle for the long term future, and is, as usual, focused on the short term, the consequences are building up that will cause higher taxes, prices on food, (commodities), agriculture products, metals, (not precious metals in this instance) but iron, steel, stainless steel, and that ilk, but not copper. Copper needs a vibrant growing economy to raise up in price. When copper goes up, in a meaningful way, you will see a recovery for tc under way. Until you see copper prices rising and holding above $4 or higher, we are not in a meaningful increase in growth, or recovery that will help pull us out of the malaise we are in. Copper is used in almost every area of industry and the economy, especially construction, electronics and infrastructure. So, if you want to verify that we are growing, check the price of copper. Tc has to have copper go up before the stock can run.

    I think, by springtime, or early summer, we will begin to see the effects of not "fixing the economy." The Democrats will try to get the GOP to agree to spending cuts later for higher taxes now, as I said, the Democrats have shown us that promise has not been adhered to in the past. For now tc will trade from $2.50 to $3.50. The debt that tc has to overcome is overwhelming and if the products that tc produces today were to raise than tc stock price would increase as well. For now I rate tc as a scary hold. This is a upgrade from the sell rating I have been stating. If your new to tc do not invest more than 5% of your stock holdings in any single stock. Do not cost average on this stock as it still has a chance of not making it. If you were to see copper raise above $4.00 and jump to $5.00 I would at that point double down. This is my honest opinion of what I believe for tc. My second honest opinion is that misterstock 349 is still a #$%$

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Nonetheless, it is funny to hear dtime actually post a coherent, non-babbling, adult-like post lol.

    • Holy mother,

      This is hilarious. DTIME says he's not joking now.
      Everyone listen up. DTIME isn't joking because he's starting to realize the stock isn't going to see his hopeful $2.00. So, now he's gearing up for plan #2, which includes acting like an intellectual (rather than his usual dipsh$t self) describing to everyone what the future will hold - just like he predicted that TC would never see $3.00, that TC would never get that $350M, and that TC would go to $2.00, then bankruptcy. Boy how wrong he was. So, then he tries to suddenly act serious and credible and begs everyone to put no more than 5% of their total investment into TC. He knows now he lost his credibility by making the TC heading to $2.00 claim, so he wants everyone to sell off all their extra shares above their 5% stake.

      Hahaha !!!!!

      If you weren't short D(lck)TIME, why on earth would you suddenly care whether or not people have above a 5% stake ????

      Because you really care ?????

      What a slimy wormy sluggy snakey rat and cockroach infested POS !!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to shortsneedaslap
      • I wish you were not a follower!!! Some of my followers have some really stupid comments when they try to play devils advocate. I hope the stock goes to $20.00 when and if I see a reason for it to go up I may be back in. Remember what I said, if. My new upgrade is for all the poor suckers that have been holding. This upgrade is not a buy upgrade. I have made so much on tc you could retire on the capital gains I paid on this stock. I say this because you have no retirement so $1.00 would be better than nothing. I advise my followers when the best time to get in . This stock could very easy go under $2.50. Its all in the copper price per pound. The beta system I created shows a slight positive on this stock. Until a stock goes belly up like you (yellow belly coward stumpyslap) any price could happen. Unlike you I am retired and a godsend to all of my followers. I have nothing to gain when I have no vested interest. The gift is a mighty big responsibility that I take serious.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Keep on the great random calls dtime, like the one saying "Buy" when TC was 8+ and "Sell" when TC was @ 2.25! Very entertaining.

      • 1 Reply to willly.wallly
      • Hey, everyone's chart gets tipped over, and upside down, from time to time, it happens. That said, this looks like a blast from the past (a good movie as well), circa 2008, in getting TC on the cheap, primed to make a run. Yes, the situation is completely different, however, imo, the opportunity appears to be as compelling. I'm back in at $2.72 and $2.65 (with yes, some dry powder, just in case the DC follies come to a market near you). I'm not thrilled about the cost overruns, however, I'm confident that the company now has the finances to "get er' done" and then it should be a nice diversification of moly and copper and gold, oh my?! I'm in, and will add on any and all market weakness, with limit buy orders lined up on support.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Mr. Jesus DTIME,

      Are YOU upgrading the stock ?????

      Now I'm in !!!!

      When you recognize a winner like TC, I say decide what you can afford to lose and double it. You should be stop most losses before they reach 50%.

      If you play a winner like TC at 5%, you'll never have any meaningful gains. Why not play it real safe and put in 1% and call it a mutual fund ?

      If you think TC is risky between now and Q4 2013, then you might want to evaluate the size of your ball sack.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to misterstock349
      • 5 % is the real number that nobody should exceed unless you are a insider and than you options are free. For a lot of my followers and me 5% is still a 6 figure number. At this point I have no holdings in tc one way or the other. Tc is a weak hold at best. In laymen terms, for you misterstock, that means "if you already own this stock just sit back with a stop loss set at $1.50". the poster (dt---I------me) Capital I you really are showing your intelligence. misterstock359 and dtIme are the same .

        Sentiment: Hold

    • PS - I like sausage in my mouth and egg whites all over my face.

      And I was also wrong when I said this was going to $2.00. I am clearly not as smart as misterstock349.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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