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  • retaoba retaoba Dec 5, 2012 4:51 PM Flag

    No real reason for this to climb so fast right now.

    Speculation on a takeover due to the silly FCX acquisition maybe?
    Just shorts trying to bail since the writing is on the wall
    (Maybe worried about getting hurt on the Dec12 expiration?)

    Really, no reason fo a big rally right now - this will go back down, and then between Jan and Mar reume a long and steady climb up.
    Just MHO of course. due your own DD.

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    • So far you are totally right ;-)

    • triangle break out and if ur not a techy copper rising ...

    • Retoba u need to open ur eyes, learn how to read a stock. If you cant see then take off ur glasses.

      i agree with DX big copper shortage coming... get ready 2013 copper go to $5 a lb and off it goes.

      u wish this stays low to jan mar lol.

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      • I'm already in. Some said to wait for $2,50, but nah', I bought at @2.73 and $2.68. I'm fully aware that it could drop, if the DC Follies come to a market place near you, in which case, who knows what will happen? What I do know, is that I'm prepared, with limit buy orders, for as low, as she may go. Selfishly, yes, I am HOPING for a golden buying opportunity, to more than double my current position in TC. I bought it back in 2008 between $2.50 and $3.25, rode it up to $8 and sold everything. Yes, too soon, relative to where it went, but alright, considering the ridiculous degree to which this stock has recently become oversold. LOVING the opportunity to make $$$ on this issue once again, however, I won't sell too early this time around. MMR has comparable key stats, with TC's looking even better imo, and they got taken out at a nice premium. My only hope is that TC's pps recovers, so as to not becoming a takeover target, and possibly not reaching its full profit potential. With copper, moly and gold all looking to increase, this imo, looks to be a no brainer, just like last time around.

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    • How about the reports out of China that there is a supply shortage of copper building up in early 2013?? TC mines copper....ergo the run up. lol --- no're smrt smart aren't you

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    • Sounds to me like you waited for it to go to $2.50 and missed out, now you're whining and crying. Tuff luck junior better luck next time. This is why you don't get greedy and wait for the lowest price. And why it is going up ?? HMMMMM maybe because like $5 billion dollars in cash flowed out of FCX today??? DUHH. Some of that went to TC I am sure copper gold silver molybdenum... besides FCX TC is the only game in town now and FCX ruined it with oil.

      TC headed to $5 in next 4 weeks.

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      • Buy more now or wait for $2.50 is the 10,000 share question.......
        The problem is it could just as easily be at $3.50 as $2.50 by 1/1.
        And so the roller coaster that is TC continues......

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      • CU should, scratch that, will probably, scratch that, may go up in 2013. Same with Moly. Heck, same with gold. That is ALL any of us really know at this point. If you can prove otherwise, I would like to see how you can prove this. I agree, many signs point to higher metals pricing next year, but really, no one here would be shocked if metals mostly moved sideways all next year, or ended up about the same levels as now.

        I have followed this stock longer than most people on here except foggie, and I am long, probably too heavy, but I believe this stock will make everyone a lot of money that is long in it now.
        A five bagger in 2 or 3 years, maybe even a ten bagger in 4-6 years? Lots of variables that could go either way, including a buyout, right?

        I realize those of you that are traders on here probably don't care much about that. I am sure all you traders can retire in 3 years or less anyway.
        Yes, I would buy more, even with an overweight position. I'd like to get it under 3 if possible, but if it's not going there, I will probably add more even at these levels, as I believe these levels are going to look pretty good in 6 months.
        Not sure about 6 weeks though....which is why I am not one of those traders that will retire in 3 years or less....

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      • now ya don't think 25 million shares short had anything to do with it, do ya ??? /// LMAO

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