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  • dtimepalm dtimepalm Dec 13, 2012 5:41 PM Flag

    for my followers

    today was a good day as tc is going up. As usually I have perfect timing we all got in under $3.00 and skipped the melt down from $15.00 to $2.00 and some change. If some of you would like to take a profit that would be ok, I sold today 10,000 share at $3.40. This stock will be down again. I could not resist as my stock value went up $4,000.00 in 5 days with this stock tc. not a bad return for 7 days. I still rate this stock a very weak hold with potential to play off the lows. Most investors do not know how to take a profit.

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    • You fool. Where is the $1.50 or BK prediction you've made?
      What's hoax this guys is putting out each time.
      Which mental hospital are you trading from? LOL

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      • apparently you did not see my post when I upgraded tc to a weak hold and purchased 10,000 shares. I always state the day I bought and sold with stock amount (shares). Since tc got the 350 million I upgraded tc as the risk of running out of money for completion was removed. That being said tc needs to make money to pay back all the loans. The real question is how much can tc pay back. If you look at tc price performance on a chart graph going back in time over a period of 5 years you will see that every year between Jan 10-Jan 29 tc price peaks and then falls. I would suggest that around that time you think of where your investment is with tc. For my followers when tc corrects we will be back in. Nothing wrong with making money. Its better than buying a year ago and holding. This stock is a weak hold ratting. For my followers we keep doing our thing. Heres an update on orbc in which I recommended. We all purchased that stock a little while back. The stock is a buy ratting and will be over $5.00 in my opinion. Most of you got in under $3.30 on 10-17 when I told you to. Today the stock is 3.83 a 20 percent gain in less than 60 days. the dtime train is here for all of my followers. You may not like me but I don't care . My followers make money and that is what I'm doing helping one person retire at a time.

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    • You are so full of it!

    • Some small profits are nice but stock I showing way too much strength right now and anybody taking money off the table now is just going to lose out. A losing day on the overall market and a nice run up today with good after hours strength. The problem with taking profits is as others have noted, TC is going to go on a huge run very soon as the shorts realize that now one wants to sell at lower levels. If you take money off the table you could easily miss a large 20-30 % one day run up. Just take a look at MCP.

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    • There's nothing wrong with taking profits, ever. That said, I'm in ACCUMULATION mode right now with TC. Selfishly, I kinda' hope that it does dip low, one more time. You know as well as most anyone, that these and lower levels, are a very good value, and why you'll be buying, right along with me, if the opportunity presents itself. After all, that's why you're here. This could temporarily go lower, if the DC Follies continue. Then again, at some point, it could go a heck of a lot higher as well. I'll hold a core position and trade around it, but will not be completely out of it, until imo, its full value has been realized, and I believe that it's well north of today's close.

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