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  • dtimepalm dtimepalm Feb 22, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    you are crazy to buy tc

    Just wait a few more days. On the 25th after the report if they do not delay it tc will drop. Its not looking good. Moly prices have been getting killed over the last 6 months. Gold is dropping as well. Nothing is going good for tc Not one single thing has gone in tc favor. Can anybody name just one thing that tc has done that exceeds prediction? Everything has gone against tc. Moly prices dropping, cost over runs., To many other things to list. I challenge you to list One thing that tc has exceeded predictions. This is for you to think about before you buy any tc and just wait. Tc will drop and than think about buying. For a real investment buy GE over 3% dividended I have been saying to buy that stock since it was $6.00. Today ge is over $23.00 and in 2 years it will be over $33.00. Att pays a 5.8 percent dividend. Tc pays like 10 percent in interest for the loan they took LOL. Remember Just one thing (bring it) I look forward to seeing a challanger

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    • For drtrader read the transcripts on tc when they posted it last or the transcripts from Royal gold. Get the fact right. Royal will pay from this day forward $435.00 per ounce forever for 52 % of every ounce ever produced in the future from tc period.

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      • I do not disagree and nothing in my post even addresses this. My post below concerns the cost to produce the gold as Ultraiffic2 so nicely explained.Dtime was alledging that it might cost $700 per ounce to produce the gold and they would only receive $435 per ounce.It is true that Royal will pay $435 per ounce for 52% of the gold.The gold is included in the mined copper concentrate. The mining cost is not increased to get the gold. The cost for the gold is the cost of smelting the copper concentrate which I doubt is $770 per ounce.

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    • TC management has exceeded my expectations in a couple of ways. A few years ago they realized that they needed to diversify away from a single product moly. They had the forsight to expand and buy MM when times for them were good and moly prices were still high. MM is over budget but the mining sector in general has been hurting and I think these guys have been trying to navigate the best that they could. To me the other thing they did that was right was to sell royal gold part of the gold stream futures to fund the development of the mine so that they would not have to assume so much debt (this was good rish mitigation). Gold is now declining in value because equities are doing well and people are starting to rotate out of it but demand for the industrial metals moly and copper will pick up with the domestic housing recovery and global recovery as the government keeps interest rates low to re-inflate the housing bubble and global currency wars persist. So I think given what they had to work with so far I am pretty satisfied with what TC management has done. Yes there were times when I was furious when the stock tanked and management had to eat their words but now I have a huge position just before the market regains its confidence in TC so those moments of anger may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The last couple of days the stock has been down, I think this is just everyone so used to dissappointment with this company at earnings time that they are positioning for it, probably some more shorts coming in, the stock held at $4 pretty strong for a while and has only broken down here just before earnings. At some point though, sentiment is going to change for this stock. It already got a big boost after the securing the $350M. The other thing this management team did right was to rid themselves of being a slave to their revolving debt facility and get a lower interest rate with secured debt financing. I think these guys are navigating pretty well (raising money with TMEDS was probably the thing that they did that I hated the most. The best thing they did was add copper to this companies product mix. However, I won't truly be totally satisfied or congratulatory with their efforts until they get MM going and producing.

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      • You dont have very many expectations molyvestor!!!! When I buy a stock I want a stock that has problems I want the number one problem that they cant produce it fast enough because of so many orders. Tc can produce they just can't sell it and make a profit. Nobody wants tc Moly because they cant produce it and make a profit period. That's the worst problem to have way to much overhead. And to add insult they have to sell Gold at $435.00 (52%) of every ounce they get even if it cost them $700.00 ounce to get it. Can you picture that they may loose $265.00 per ounce on 52% of what they mine. Nobody has ever said how much it will cost per ounce to get the gold. WHen you factor in loans, tmed, labor, overhead, and of course the officers nice compensation. The only reason to own tc is the copper. And you better hope copper goes though the roof. If not for the copper I would not waste my time with this dog. This stock should be under $3.00 but it is controled by market makers. Have you eve noticed the "motley " Always has a bias toward tc. They always say to buy no matter what price tc is? With me you get the truthful facts. I would love tc if they could only beat one expectation instead of consistently not meeting expectations.

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    • so far 6 replies and not one reply on tc exceeding expectations. Tc has only disappointed expectations. Im still waiting for one thing that tc exceeded expectations. For seabrook, Ge is up 400% from $6.00 buy in plus the dividend Tc is down from $13.00 to under $4.00. Anyway the point of the post was for just one person to point out something that tc has exceeded in. Not one person has come up with one thing that tc has exceeded expectations on. For my followers we wait for a new buy in.

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    • I have been reading your post for a long time now, I really enjoy all the painfull truth about tc from you. You are the reason why i am alway buy in when we have a big dip and sell on the hard run up. Never keep all of my tc eggs in a long position.

    • Mt Milligan will exceed your expectations. The mine will be completed and produce copper and gold to add to earnings. The company has funding to prevent bankruptcy until this happens.All miners have been slaughtered recently. When earnings exceed expectations on Monday the price will rise.Long term investors are not stressed by market related pullbacks when the future is bright.Did you not sell your recent shares below the current price?

    • This market activity is all contrived. Stocks in general are all undervalued by inflationary considerations alone - much less when the economy actually starts turning legitimately positive - when that happens, all of the Feds easing and the simultaneous end of heavy shorting in conjunction with one another will literally force stocks to fly (if they don't get "Lehman"-ed first). I'm holding still, and when the perfect storm hits a good number of stocks (including TC) are going to be home runs (assuming estimates of Copper in the ground are correct or close to estimates. This stock is undervalued significantly in my opinion - of course, I could be wrong and make sure to do your due diligence. JHMO.

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    • Actually, DTIME, you're just plain "CRAZY". I mean it literally. There's a screw loose. One of your vessels in your little brain has a SHORT. All it takes is one bad connection and you start mouthing off like you do.

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    • Your point on GE is correct and undoubtedly TC is a far riskier investment. However the potential upside is much greater in TC. Time will tell which becomes the more profitable investment going forward.

    • I was really hoping you would expound upon your Turtle/Turtle Head Theory you so eloquently stated yesterday. Instead of fighting the inevitable, why don't you cover today and take a smaller loss on your shorts?

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