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  • ljlove2travel ljlove2travel Mar 10, 2013 12:17 PM Flag


    dtimepalm, you certainly don't know much about psychological profiles, or you wouldn't expose yourself as a bonafide nutter on a regular basis. However, there's at least one or two of you on every Yahoo! board.

    Of course there is always the possibility you are putting on being one of those caricatures of a pathetic attention seeking loser. If so, it's a big success.

    There is your attention for the day, better negative than none, right?


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    • 3-11-13 tc is down big time again -3.47 percent $3.27 today. What can say except I TOLD YOU SO.

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    • Dtimeplan says below he lost 250,000 and he's giving advice. lol LOL You'll have to admit he is good for comic relief.. I laugh because everytime this stock goes up you can't find him. Let it go down and here he is giving advice. LOL

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    • why are you so intimidated by me? I will tell you: on every board the majority of the people are always looking for positive information on a stock. They are investors that have a vested interest in the stock going up. I use to be one of those until I lost around $250,000.00. It took me some time to learn how to play the game. After many losses and gains I came up with a system. My system works very good and I still have losses. However my gains exceed my losses many times. So you ask why am I here? I am here for my followers, not every stock is going to go up. I play tc on dips and look for it to be a parity. Today tc is at a higher value than what it is worth $3.15. I have been correct on the pricing and that is why so many of you hate me. I said hate: and that is because nobody wants to hear that they bought a stock at a high price. It makes you feel like the fool that you are. It is a direct attack on your mental capability that a person who spells words wrong could be smarter than you. Guess what most of us on the wealthy list do not have a college education as we pursued are dreams of having a business. Most of us in my boat employed a lot of college educated people because we surround our self with bright educated engineers. If it were not for people like me you would not have a job. So get over it and stop fighting the trend. Getting into my shoes takes some sacrifices like living within your means, saving for retirement, not getting into trouble, giving back to the board. I wish I could tell you to buy tc but that would make me a fool. At some point I will tell you those words when tc has a event that warrants it to be upgraded or metals increase to where there is a profit for tc. SO I ask you why are you so intimidated by me that you have to make your self be a bully. . By the way my IQ is in the top 10% not that it means anything to me. For my followers another exposed bonafide bully proven.

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