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  • oceaninvestor oceaninvestor Mar 15, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    MCP vs TC

    I'm looking for a few of you technical pro-TC guys to give me your opinion, why should I invest in TC over MCP?

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    • Because TC may earn $1.00 EPS in 2014.

      Molycorp won't even come close.

      You do the math.

      Molycorp is a garbage stock anyway. Haven't you ameteurs figured it out yet?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • MCP will,if they ever get their mine going, produce mainly light rare earth elements. The problem is, the real crunch in rare earths will be in the heavy elements such as Dysprosium, not the light ones. With Lynas already producing, and China still having an abundance of light rare earths, I just don't see MCp taking off that fast. Add to this the fact that extracting rare earths from the mined ore is at least 10 times as hard as extracting copper, gold, or moly, and is WAY more hazardous to the environment (remember, the Mountain Pass mine was originally shut down in the early 90's because of a radioactive toxic spill).
      Besides, even though rare earths are valuable, gold is still gold.

    • MCP,TC,CLF they all produce or will produce valuable metals that civilization needs in order to build or re-build. They're are out of favor right now by the wall street scam gang. Everywhere you turn BS,BS, BS. Everything is oversupplied, everywhere is slowing down. The short interest in all of these is about 20%. Scammers making money on the way down. They will cover and go long, but not until you have given up. October of 2011 they did the same with the homebuilders and insurers (e.g- take a look at where spf and rdn were).I hate to say buy and hold, but these could be a couple years away from seeing significant PPS gain.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • you shouldn't. go away

    • The truth that all small cap miners are risky right now as the largest consumer of raw materials, China, is slowing. And gold seems to be in a downward trend as well. If you must buy then you could split your investment between the two. But I would not hope for the past lofty levels MCP hit when there was a severe shortage of rare earth metals. New mines will keep RE prices in check going forward and MCP will follow suit.

    • I think you need to ask someone besides the clowns on this board, just my opinion

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