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  • retaoba retaoba Apr 29, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    Up Very Strong today on average to weak volume ! Some possible reasons -

    So, what is causing this PPS move?

    And is it permanent this time?

    Possible Reasons:
    Information leak ahead of earnings call (that NEVER happens here!)
    Investors taking position ahead of CC call to establish or trade around a position
    Roadshows finally having some impact on broad-based support for this stock
    Buyout speculation or rumors
    It may have just gotten way too oversold....
    Physical gold is strong and ramping up in the U.S. and globally
    Cliffs and other iron producers reporting increased North American demand for iron ore (steel)
    A (very) modest housing rebound is underway in the U.S.
    20% of North American Moly and Cu production is off the table for 18-24 months with no other projects slated to come online in that timeframe except Mt Milligan (if I am correct)
    According to labor reports from some parts of China, the "slowdown" may not be as widespread or as impactfull as first thought
    Europe may be able to see the corner ahead, if not turning it just yet (this week anyway)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Tc is going up because it is my gift to my followers. Keep the faith. I had punished the non believers enough. You will witness the raise of my gift for a while. In fact tc should be $3.40 before the 31st. of May as the roster goes cockadudodu. Soon the roasters will go give me the gold give me the gold.

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    • Relief rally. Just hope mgmt didn't sink the upcoming quarter with (another) totally self-induced total wipeout at my "favorite" high-cost, inefficient, poorly executing Canadian moly mine on the planet. That might actually help things out a bit if that kind of idiocy can be avoided from this point forward.

      After starting the call, if all they have to yap about on the next call is their safety record, then you know it's bad.

      Q2 should be better.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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