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  • carlrich carlrich May 13, 2013 10:58 PM Flag

    Why the pullback?

    Needs to digest the run up? We had a couple of ok articles today. Copper is holding.
    But, we do need to see moly and copper pricing higher - better global growth which is still 'slowly' gaining.

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    • dragon_legal_department dragon_legal_department May 14, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

      1) Somewhat negative, or at least not really positive articles on SA & MF may be holding retail investors back. (Most of the authors really don't understand this company fully, if you read the articles).
      Many will miss the boat. This pullback represents a nice entry point (or a great opportunity to add more), especially if you did not get in around $3 or lower.
      2) Short sighted targets by analysts may be holding back institutional investors.
      This may change with the upcoming conferences in the next few weeks. Then again, it may not change until q-1 or q-2 2014....
      3) We do need to see some better, sustained numbers on global economic activity. That may take a couple of quarters. Moly trading below cost of production for most mines right now. Copper up a little, but not with sustainable strength (IE - rising demand),.
      4) Also, may have had some shorts covering and scurrying away during the rally, they will be coming back.
      5) The biggest overhang on this stock is not the so called Tmeds dilution as several authors have tried to point out. Rather it is the lack of moly demand in the market and the possibility of not resuming stripping at the TC mine that likely has true analysts worried much more that the Tmeds. Moly sales provide a big kicker to earnings at even 25% above the current market prices. It would be a huge boost to TC to see the moly market firm up around $13.50 or so.....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I don't often question pull backs for rebounding with good reason stocks, I BUY them. Nothing goes straight up. It takes the herd some time to change direction and all. From the MF article, this was what stood out to me,("Mt. Milligan, amazingly enough, remains on schedule and should begin production as early as August.") Again, imo, buy before the real fools wake up, with respect to what's likely to happen. As Wayne Gretzky would say, "Don't go to where the puck has been, anticipate, and go to where it's going!"

      Sentiment: Buy