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  • gcoffman008 gcoffman008 Jul 30, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    gold will go below 900 .....

    take note

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    • i'll say it again

    • i'll repeat

    • i'll repeat

    • I seriously doubt that !! Dennis gartman is bullish on gold . I'll rephase it it will hit 1400 before 900 .

    • Take Note, Take heed , I'll say again---You have kind of a limited vocabulary---the experts can't figure out where gold is going---that means you sure a H__ll don't know

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    • Oh come on !!!

      Now you're telling me you're a believer in the USD, Bernanke and the Fed....?!?!

      Bernanke is getting out-of-Dodge soon, being forced out by Obama.

      Who gets appointed next?

      Janet Yellen.

      The most liberal of all the Fed governors. Barry's progressive Fed gov./buddy.

      It will be "QE-Money Grows on Trees - Because I Say It Does........" with her.

      Expect your Big Mac's (or Whoppers) to rise in price down the road. More so than expected, with her. Maybe we can all get a discount if we use our Google Bitcoins to buy things in the future........?!?!?!

      American's should study up on the past, if their looking for clues on what happens to gold over the next few years. Weimar Republic - anyone.....?
      Give it a decade, or until the next systemic shock (whatever that may be....(run on banks, sharp recession or depression, Obama going full-tilt marxist, conflict , natural disaster, etc......some bad shyte will trigger more bad shyte.....)

      Worst case, gold falls to the marginal cost to produce. That's around $1,000 oz., generally, for the miners.
      And it only stays there if investment demand drops to nil.
      I don't see that happening. Too many parties (and people) have no faith in fiat money, esp. the US dollar.

      Perhaps someday, the worlds reserve currency will be the Swiss Franc. It's the only major currency on the planet that's not a complete fiasco.

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      • 2 Replies to ultraific2
      • Don't count your Yellens before they're hatched. It is about 50/50 right now that it could be Larry Summers. Obama owes him for tutoring him on how to sound educated on economics during his election campaign, and he has a much greater rapport with him than other possible candidates. noBama has a pattern of appointing friends, people he is comfortable with and people he owes (and owns) rather than picking the most qualified person. Not unlike most politicians. That is, of course, a big part of what is currently wrong with the good Ol' USofA.

        If Summers is appointed, you should see a much more rapid end to easing (he is NOT in favor of Bernanke's current policies) more market volatility, higher interest rates (lower inflation) but dog only knows what else.

        If Yellen is appointed the party should continue as she is in favor of current policy and is probably the biggest adherent in the fed of quantitative easing and higher inflation rates. The longer this drama goes on, the LESS likely it is that Yellen is going to be appointed.

        You can also throw Geithner into the mix, and other even less qualified and more political appointees. Most of whom would likely create havoc with the stock markets. And of course, id noBama can find a gay Hispanic Islamic Harvard or Berkley professor with a minor in economics and a major in socialism they would probably vault to the front of the pack.

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      • Au contraire mon frere, long term I'm quite bullish on gold. That said, it needs to put in a meaningful bottom----which, I contend, is the old "Hunt brothers high"(yes, I'm aware that silver was their metal) which was at 873. Take note.