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  • lightdoesnotage lightdoesnotage Aug 15, 2013 11:57 PM Flag

    What would you rate the chance of TC being $5 a share before 2014?

    I am holding 300 contracts for Jan 2014 $5 calls in addition to the 8,000 shares of common I own. My average price on the contracts is $0.15 so they are in the money as of right now (trading around $0.20).

    Trying to decide if I should dump them and buy another 1500 shares of common with the proceeds, or keep them and have control over 30,000 shares if somehow this popped well above $5.

    With the TMeds hanging out there, do you think there is any real chance this could blow past $5 in the next 5 months?

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    • dragon_legal_department dragon_legal_department Aug 16, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

      Right there with you.
      The logical thing to do would be to sell 1/2 and reinvest in longer dated calls or common.
      But the leverage is so appealing on these, and the odds, if not great, are pretty decent that we'll see more significant pps appreciation over the next 5 months, even if there are a couple of hiccups.
      We may also get a good sized run on commissioning and on the Q-3 CC too, so...

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    • I look at it this way: we have 20 weeks to achieve the same percentage gain of the past 1 week. I'm 1500 Jan 14, 5 calls strong

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    • Here is my take:if gold and the other metals keep increasing in price (JPM just said today to buy the rally in gold) and earnings sparkle in November and milly shows its really producing and we get the the shorts topanic which I think is slowly happening now --5 is a lead pipe cinch. I also have the same price on the calls I bot. Dennis gartman said several days ago buy the miners they've been beaten up for years .Remember over 5 margin restrictions are relaxed .

    • Why take a Jan '15's. K

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    • I have been long TC for several years..they did what they planned on doing and while I plan to hold long term, and expect TC to eventually return to double digits, next 6 tough call...short interest is high. I expect we will see slow climb well above 4 this year ...and likely 5+ this year. Their book value alone warrants this. I have no need to sell, so in a couple of years I expect TC to be a good long term play. Forget the noise...look at the technicals and book value.

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